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  1. Dizzledorfs Stuff - Sheep, Child Hair Conversions

    I am brand new to RPG maker, but am working on a game and needed some sheep. There are plenty of sheep out there, but I was going for something a bit cutesy. So, I made these. In my game, you have to shear the sheep, so there are fluffy and bald sheep, in black and white variety, in two sizes...
  2. Combining YEP Menu Manager and Common Events Manager

    Hey. I am working on a project in which I would like to encourage the kids to explore the map and click on things. So I am creating a badge system. So, they will get an Explorer Badge Lvl 1 for finding one hidden door and there are 4 hidden, so then they will end up being a Master Explorer when...
  3. First map -- feedback needed

    I am a complete noob with RPGMaker.. I have been making games for years in Flash and am now making the transition to something usable on mobile devices. I happen to love RPGs so figured I would start with RPG Maker MV. But, it has only been a couple of weeks, so I could use some advice on my...
  4. Screen will not show my external information

    OK. Noob here, sorry. I am an experienced Actionscript coder, but have never tried javascript before, and this is also my first stab at RPGMaker MV. I am attempting to create a math game. I currently have a group of arrays that have the questions and 5 choices for answers. Then, in the array...

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