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  1. Geoff Moore

    Which Genre of Music Helps You During Development?

    @Marquise* Awww, thanks for the shout out! XD
  2. Geoff Moore

    Belated happy new year to you too! :D

    Belated happy new year to you too! :D
  3. Geoff Moore

    Indie Game Making Contest 2018!

    Here's my contribution to IGMC, the town theme for Rise of the Pharaoh by @Tome571: Thanks for listening, and good luck everyone!
  4. Geoff Moore

    RMVXA The Death Due Us is a stupid title?

    More grammatically sensible - The Deaths We're Due or The Deaths Due To Us. Or how about The Deaths We Deserve? The game looks awesome by the way!
  5. Geoff Moore

    How did you come up with your name?

    My screen name used to be 'mostly useless', so I guess I'm a bit more confident now :D
  6. Geoff Moore

    How to discuss pricing?

    Music prices range from $0 to $1000s per track, it all depends on who you're hiring and how high quality you want the work to be. Rates can also vary based on things like musical style, exclusivity and soundtrack rights, so even when talking about a specific artist there might not be a 'general...
  7. Geoff Moore

    Am i doing this right for selling?

    If they're DLCs for VXAce then you should be fine. Every resource pack should have some kind of readme file included that lists exactly what you need to do to use the resources.
  8. Geoff Moore

    Is it worth Developing for Linux?

    Linux users are kinda starved for games, so even though it's a small userbase they can be a lot more engaged than other players from what I've heard.
  9. Geoff Moore

    Indie Game Making Contest 2018!

    Best of luck to all the entrants! I sat IGMC out this year, though I did contribute a music track for an entry. It was awesome in the 2014 contest when there was a board dedicated to the event and everyone posted their progress on the forums. Is there any central place for discussion this year...
  10. Geoff Moore

    ♪♫ Geoff's Game Music Corner ♫♪

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure why I've never made a thread in this subforum since these boards are where I got started making game music, but there's no time like the present! I'll be posting some music from RPGs and other games, and some made just for fun. Let's start with a recent Chrono-Trigger...
  11. Geoff Moore

    Thanks Kes! It's not, I've updated my orchestral/sound design instruments recently and wanted to...

    Thanks Kes! It's not, I've updated my orchestral/sound design instruments recently and wanted to bust out something epic XD
  12. Geoff Moore

    Hey all! Made some epic fantasy battle/trailer music...

    Hey all! Made some epic fantasy battle/trailer music:
  13. Geoff Moore

    How did I miss this!! It's July now haha, but you too! XD

    How did I miss this!! It's July now haha, but you too! XD
  14. Geoff Moore

    Post Your Music

    @Schematist Awesome work! You nailed that JRPG feel :D / @Jonas Zaggo Love that one, the pipework is stunning! / @peachtea Awesome retro vibes!! I love 'Chill Session' XD It's good to see this thread is still going strong! It's been forever since I posted here, so here's my latest fantasy...
  15. Geoff Moore

    That's awesome, congratulations!!

    That's awesome, congratulations!!
  16. Geoff Moore

    Hey hey! How are you doing?

    Hey hey! How are you doing?
  17. Geoff Moore

    RMMV MOOP (Retro Puzzle-Adventure) [IGMC 2017]

    Thank you so much @Roiber! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game :) Did you finish in the end? There's no reason the menu should stop working, perhaps you were trying to open it with the standard menu key? I'm definitely going to make that trigger the menu in the post comp version, but for now it's A...
  18. Geoff Moore

    Change the 4 pixel character offset to 3 pixels?

    I know I can remove the offset entirely by prefixing the sprite's filename with "!", but it is possible to change the default 4 pixel offset to 3 pixels instead? I'm using 16x16 tiles blown up x3 to make 48x48, so the characters are currently 1 pixel too high. Thanks for reading!
  19. Geoff Moore

    RMMV MOOP (Retro Puzzle-Adventure) [IGMC 2017]

    MOOP has been getting some awesome feedback, including that rarest of rare things, a WOOO! from @Indrah!! Thank you everyone <3 First port of call for the post comp version: make everyone blink :D Edit: I wonder if anyone's found the hidden object yet...
  20. Geoff Moore

    RMXP IGMC Short Reviews (for everyone to participate)

    @Lucy Fox: What an awesome review, thank you very much! Don't worry, you'll be seeing more from MOOP soon :D

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