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  1. Mieze

    What is your Favorite

    Hello? With which maker do you prefer to work and with whom do you prefer to play? Are there still many XP friends here? Or, are the new, like the MV more popular? Just an interesting question. ;) greetings :)
  2. Mieze

    Uploading Mappacks Steam with DLCs

    Hello, I uploaded a mappack on Steam and said that you need certain DLCs (MV) If I go with the profile of my husband on it is also the specific DLCs needed. But one said I distribute the DLCs Illegal with it, which then downloads everyone with. But is not the data encrypted? or the packs are...
  3. Mieze

    Fix the Picture on Map Plugin?

    Hello Maker Friends :) Is there a "fix the image" plugin somewhere? I would like to put a Lightoverlay over it, without which it moves with! That of Galenmereth does not work.
  4. Mieze

    FSM new Packs?

    Are there still a few packs for the MV? So from the First Seed Material Packs. Winter, desert and lava would be great! Perhaps also under water! and also from all the great caves like the RPG Maker MV - FSM: Woods and Cave Pack. Hope it still comes Or a Cave Pack with lava and ice would be...
  5. Mieze

    Farming Plant Plugin

    Hi Guys ^^ I'm looking for a farming plugin, actually only for plants. It is also to be influenced by the weather, so I mean, if it is rain you do not pour and if it storms it can break. It's about to be like at Harvest Moon. And it should match with the plugins of MOG. I would even pay if there...
  6. Mieze

    Winter and Add On?

    Hello :) FSM Town of Beginning Tiles. So, it is about the mentioned pack. Does anyone know something similar? Or can someone make add ons and jhr times? With add ons I mean something like Beds / sofas and office, ancient hospital, more plants for outside. Caves, (crystal cave, earth cave...
  7. Mieze

    My mapping Diary

    Hello! In another forum I was already able to do this, because I would like to mapping and this also gladly, I would like to make a own thread and present maps. I also mapping for others to. So I do not accept orders, but if I like a map I would be glad if I should make you a joy with it. You...
  8. Mieze

    RMMV Life Way (Dead Project)

    First time Hello, and would like to apologize for my bad English. ;) EDIT: This Game is not more in Work!!
  9. Mieze

    ask to script Java

    do not know if I 'm right here but .. I've got a question , perhaps this would also assume someone or loss has upped to realize the idea . Normal it takes I will be very pleased about it many other thousands also lends . And pay determined eingie like what for this.wenn there something...
  10. Mieze

    (MV) Horror, Sci Fi Modern Apocalyptic world.

        I want to use 2 packs from Ace for the MV can someone fashion me for MV, which they are then available? The Zombie Pack and the Horror Pack.   If anyone is interested what to do or even own, has always nice report here. I want to get a slightly larger collection together here. Must both...
  11. Mieze

    Search hunger, thirst, fatigue Plugin

    I did not know exactly where the thread belongs there because it is but is a plugin I just wanted to ask here.   I suchr a plugin, namely hunger, thirst, fatigue Plugin maybe white one where there is already one or even has a.   Would be nice if it were Commercially usable.   Thank you...
  12. Mieze

    Shooting Script or something

    Does anyone have a script for a commercial use , where it can be shooting ? So an ABS only with weapons where as in Resident Evil . for the VX Ace. Or can anyone describe the XAS , or make a tutorial to me ? I get there just not go there, thank you.
  13. Mieze

    such for Modern, Horror, Zombie

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for anything that has to do with horror , Modern, zombie , blood and death . If you have something that you may use Commercially you could give me? with the credits of course . Thank You PS : one when it is approaching a bit on Scifi not bad
  14. Mieze

    Cooking Icon Set

    Hello , Have got a question . I am looking for a Cooking Icon Set . What is so similar to that (which I found here ) But I want one is the Commercially usable . Thank you  Is this really a moon of harvest ? if only the idea was taken, but can not quite ändelt the original one but it also use or...
  15. Mieze

    Emotions Facesets

    Hi guys,    I wanted to ask if anyone has the KH_Fantasyhero_PCK and can help me can create emotions for 4 character.    sad  laughing  angry  pain  bewildered  sleeping    Thank you   Actor_KH01 third from above and below the last right . Actor_KH02 top far left and far right
  16. Mieze

    RPG Maker XP Battle Hud

    RPG Maker XP Battle Hud Hello there , I have a question if anyone would have the time and inclination to create a script where you can change the Hud from the Battle system . This can be done as in the picture for example , something like that . The only you have to give the image a certain...
  17. Mieze

    Waht is Right? Hi guys,    I do not know if you can answer the many others think so no again.  which is now correct you can use tilesets without problems in Commercial Games.  and who now need the credits.  Apparently not include the tilesets hanzo? ...
  18. Mieze

    Resources for Commercial

    Hello my loved RPG fans   I do not know if I'm correct, but it is a general question. I want to create a game for Commercial use. I have found many beautiful things here in which I can download what people, use for the Commercial and who is for me where something offered or pages.   I...

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