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  1. BardAaron

    Crunch's Pixel Resources (Updated: 15/9/16 - Battlers)

    Awesome work!  I especially love the parallaxes.  The Space & Planet ones are my favorite
  2. BardAaron

    RTP edits: Harpies, gargoyle, halfdragon, etc.

    I really like your harpies!  If I ever get around to making that Naga vs. Garuda game I could really use those.
  3. BardAaron

    BardAaron's Resources

    I've made several new generator pieces, mostly edited from the base, but I thought they might be useful to people using Ace. Numberings are just as they appear in my generator files.  You may need to renumber if you've added files to your generator already. REAR HAIRS Shorter Dreadlocks...
  4. BardAaron

    [VX Ace] "Black" Face Parts

    Hey, this to my knowledge still hasn't been addressed.   A while back, I made some pieces of my own that worked well enough, but I lost them when my computer got stolen, so I thought I'd put this out there again.  Still looking for "Black" Hairstyles & facial features for the Ace Generator.
  5. BardAaron

    RTP-edit Icons [updated Apr.4!]

    Ooh, I quite like these.  Ups and downs on elements and different weapons/class powers is a good idea, and looks great!
  6. BardAaron

    ◄Journey Battle System v.03►(Tankentai translation project)

    Ok, that's weird.  I tried doing the same thing in an alternate project, and copying the animations file didn't work for that one.  It's still getting an error about "frame_max" and NilClass
  7. BardAaron

    Threat-based targeting

    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
  8. BardAaron

    ◄Journey Battle System v.03►(Tankentai translation project)

    I had, but it must have been an altered or corrupted version.  (I had started making a game from the demo, so I had probably changed something and messed it up).  I downloaded a fresh copy of the demo, and copied the file again and it works now. 
  9. BardAaron

    ◄Journey Battle System v.03►(Tankentai translation project)

    Mandalorian, that fixed the reversed and animated-from-the-beginning issues beautifully.  Thanks a lot!  Now I am just getting the frame_max error when a "special" is used.  Normal Attack and Guard work fine.
  10. BardAaron

    ◄Journey Battle System v.03►(Tankentai translation project)

    I feel sorry for bringing this up again, as I know it has been brought up before, but so far, I have not understood what do do about these issues. Like others, I am having trouble with animating enemies.  I know to add the id (as a negative) under def max_pattern, and got it to display a single...
  11. BardAaron

    Euphoria - Threat System

    Is there a way to make each enemy judge threat individually?  I would like a system where if there are, for example, 3 party members, and 3 enemies in one fight, and each party member attacks a different enemy, that enemy would view the character who attacked it as the greater threat, even if...
  12. BardAaron

    Change Battle Mode

    This could be useful for differentiating Bosses from the grunts.
  13. BardAaron

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    Nicely done.  These may come in useful.
  14. BardAaron

    More Realistic Hair Colors [v1.50]

    Some of the lighter reddish ones are a bit washed out; not enough difference between the body of the hair and the lines, so it looks out of place next to everyone else, and there are a couple from the original that I liked a lot, but I will say that this does a very good job at what it is...
  15. BardAaron

    Xena Portrait (RTP Style)

    Hi Makio, thanks for taking the time to work on this.  I like this a lot.  The pose is great, and the armor and hair are spot on.  The only thing is that she seems a little young.  Could you add in some cheekbone definition?  I think that would do it.
  16. BardAaron

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Wonderful!  Thank you Avy, that's perfect.
  17. BardAaron

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Hi Avy, I love your icons.  You've really got some great ones and I have been like a kid in a candy store with what I've just happened to find so far.  I was wondering if I could ask you to make an icon of Xena's Chakram?  I have included a couple images below.  The Chakram is two sided, but...
  18. BardAaron

    Xena Portrait (RTP Style)

    I am making a game based on Xena (the Hercules spinoff from the 90s starring Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor) and would like to include a portrait of her (and maybe a few other prominent characters).  I tried making a franken-portrait, but it's not capturing her essence (she looks too young, for...
  19. BardAaron

    Trash Talking in Battle (Skill?)

    I am making a game which draws heavily on Celtic myth/history, and the Celts are famed for being impossible to shut up.  I want to make a battle mechanic where you, an potentially enemies as well, can insult each other to gain bonuses, or to throw each other off.  However, I thought it would be...
  20. BardAaron

    Parchment Window Background?

    GrandmaDeb, are there terms of use on that windowskin?  It mostly works the way I want it to, as long as I can use it with edits in my VX Ace game. 

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