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  1. theweirdnerd

    Door disappears when interaction starts

    I'm creating a door event that requires a number code to open. Once the code is inputted correctly, the door opens. But when the player interacts with the door, it just poof disappears. Inputting the code makes it appear again while it performs the opening animation. Is there a way for the door...
  2. theweirdnerd

    Creating random effect skill

    I've had an idea for a skill that functions kind of like the Wabbajack from the Elder Scrolls. Instead of doing flat damage or inflicting a status effect, it randomizes a variable. Depending on what that variable lands on, it'll pull from a list of effects. From healing the user, drenching...
  3. theweirdnerd

    Creating enemy reinforcements/waves in event editor

    I've been trying to create a combat encounter where, once a select number of enemies have been defeated, more will appear without exiting the battle. Three waves total, there are the first two enemies, then a secondary wave of more enemies, then once that wave is finished, then boss enemy...
  4. theweirdnerd

    Enemy hierarchy idea

    I've had an idea that works in the battle editor, but I want to know if anyone has a better/more efficient way of doing it. I want enemies to follow a certain hierarchy. It's not nearly as complex as it sounds. In certain enemy troops, there is a commander enemy and a bunch of grunt enemies. The...
  5. theweirdnerd

    Should I sell my game when it uses mostly base assets, little custom coding, and no plugins?

    I've seen and read that RPGmaker games get really bad flak for being lazy asset flip kind of games. So much so that I seen RPGmaker being called an "Asset Flip generator". I've been working on a project for well over a year now (started in December of 2019). It uses mostly, if not entirely, the...
  6. theweirdnerd

    Checking if a specific skill is used during battle

    There is a very particular thing I want to do during a skill tutorial sequence. Basically, I want to set up a conditional branch that sees if the player has used a specific skill and only that specific skill, afterwards dialogue is triggered and the tutorial ends. Another thing I thought of...
  7. theweirdnerd

    Parallax Background issues

    I want to create a second floor map, add the map of the first floor as a parallax background so the player can see it underneath them. I took a screencap of just the map, made it 816 x 816 and a transparent png. But in the editor, it appears with a yellow exclamation mark and it only shows the...
  8. theweirdnerd

    (MMV) Scripts for interactable text boxes?

    I'm looking to create a gambling minigame where the player must guess if a six sided die will land on even or odd. If they guess right, they win the pot, guess wrong and they lose the bet. That can be done easily with the default editor and a randomized variable, then a conditional branch. But...
  9. theweirdnerd

    Creating proper looping music

    Hello all, I'm trying to put custom songs into my project, I convert the .mp3 into an ogg and put both into the audio folder. But in-game, it loops the song from the beginning, making it a real headache for the player. I noticed that Battle1 includes the intro, but loops back to the 6 second...

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