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  1. Dust

    Let's learn how to make our own cool menu plugins!

    Hey everyone, I'm experimenting with streaming and I wanted to make beginner-friendly tutorials for people who like event coding but always wanted to get into writing their own Javascript plugins to customize things. Because it's not that hard! Promised! If you're interested,follow me on...
  2. Dust

    MVDoc – Quickly look up Plugin Commands!

    Need to quickly look up a Plugin Command? Without scrolling through loads of text? MVDoc is an easy solution to this! It extracts the commentary section of the plugins (the same contents that get displayed in RPG Maker MV's plugin-window) and is equipped with a full-text search! Download it...
  3. Dust

    RPG Making #1 - Reusing Sprites

    Tutorial topic: Reusing sprites or "Frankenspriting" Brief description: This tutorial covers the basic on making the most out of resources you already have at your fingertips with a detailed example using basic image manipulation. Hopefully, this video inspires you to craft your own creations...
  4. Dust

    Flying Enemies & Ranged Skills

    Merry Christmas everybody :) I brought a little present: A plugin that allows you to mark enemies as "flying", which makes them only targetable by ranged skills: You just add the tag <Flying> to an enemy's note section. Now it...
  5. Dust

    Set Blendmode with Comment

    Hello everyone In RPG Maker XP there was a very useful option to select an event's initial blend mode. It can be done in MV via move routes which isn't hugely satisfying since they always take a few frames, before they go into effect...
  6. Dust

    RMMV Numina - Alphaversion & Wishlist on STEAM now!

    Demo Download | Official Website Story It all begins in a remote village, where a young man called Shawn travels together with his friends to a nearby templesite, called the Temple of the Clouds. But the beauty of the scenery seems to be but a cover, as Shawn accidently discovers a secret...
  7. Dust

    This is overdue

    Hey there! c: I'm Manuel or Dust, an indie developer currently living in Germany. I'm working with RPG Maker XP on one of my most time-consuming projects: Numina. I already introduced the game around here back in 2013 but I wasn't  around here very often, which I want to change, hence my...
  8. Dust


    Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, lying in bed and suddenly, you hear a strange voice. You’d follow your everyday life, going to school or work but you’d still here this voice in your head. Talking to you as if there’s a second person around that nobody else can hear… Sounds pretty...

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Hi, I've just tried your plugin "Game is Active" and when I tested it on Android, it gave me an error, something about "Cannot read property 'underfined' of underfined.
With my project, I want the player to have access to all the tools they need to get from New Game to Credits as soon as possible; I want the player's progress to only be impeded by the player not knowing how to use the tools the game provides.
Just a little close up shot...
finally drew the last member of "team outcast" for my game. since my game has a lot fighting game elements in it, there's bosses in teams of three like King of Fighters.
What do you guys think about Survival mechanics in games (Hunger, thirst, etc.)?
Do you find them to be an enjoyable obstacle or a bit of a nuisance?

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