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  1. BardAaron

    Xena Portrait (RTP Style)

    I am making a game based on Xena (the Hercules spinoff from the 90s starring Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor) and would like to include a portrait of her (and maybe a few other prominent characters).  I tried making a franken-portrait, but it's not capturing her essence (she looks too young, for...
  2. BardAaron

    Trash Talking in Battle (Skill?)

    I am making a game which draws heavily on Celtic myth/history, and the Celts are famed for being impossible to shut up.  I want to make a battle mechanic where you, an potentially enemies as well, can insult each other to gain bonuses, or to throw each other off.  However, I thought it would be...
  3. BardAaron

    Parchment Window Background?

    I want to make my messages and menus appear to be written on parchment, however, in each window graphic I have attempted to utilize, there is always a large section that is transparent.  How do I avoid this?  I want the background of the message window (& Menu, etc for that matter) to appear...
  4. BardAaron

    BardAaron's Resources

    BardAaron's Resources I've been recoloring some of the RTP sprites bodies to fit the generator, so I thought I'd share.  I got the base from Seabird, and then edited to make them fit as generator parts.  Most are simple recolors. For the most part, I don't require any credit for these.  If...
  5. BardAaron

    [VX Ace] "Black" Face Parts

    I want a bit of racial diversity in my game, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any, or could produce, some decent Black (as in African) features for the face Generator in VX Ace.  I've downloaded all the parts Ive been able to find, and so far there is a real dirth of features that aren't...
  6. BardAaron

    [XP] Tankentai & UMS

    I need some help.  I have a project I am working on that utilizes Atoa's version of the sideview Tankentai, and recently added in the UMS script (by copying & pasting the script into my other project above Main).  But now, when I try to playtest my game, it goes to the UMS demo game instead of...
  7. BardAaron

    [XP] Tweaking the Message window.

    I am using RPMXP, and want to make the message windows a bit more versatile.  There may be a script that does what I want, or it may just be editing the script that is there, but there are 3 or 4 things I want to do.  These involve how the event commands with Show Text and Show Choices occur, so...
  8. BardAaron

    [XP] Issue with Sideview Tankentai

    I am running into an issue with an "Actor Advanced Status" script inside the sideview battle system from Enu and Atoa.  I am attaching screenshots of both the error message and the line of script it refers to.  It claims that "nil can't be coerced into Fixnum."   The Red outline surrounds the...
  9. BardAaron

    Help with Strategic Skill Combos

    To start with, I am using RPG Maker XP on Windows 7 Something I would like to do is to create some skills that work better in combination than they do on their own.  For instance, a finishing move that deals extra damage if the target has been tripped, or has a certain state inflicted; a rogue...
  10. BardAaron

    Making Combat "Eventful"

    It's important to state at the start that I am using Vx Ace Lite, so I have lots of limitations on what I can do. I am playing with trying to make a more action-based combat system using events (since I don't have access to scripting.) I have an enemy event with a sprite, set to approach, and...

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