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  1. [MV] Actor 1_8 front-view Battler

    Hello everyone, I am in need of an enemy battler image for MV's Actor 1-8 (front view battler, not sideview). I checked the main thread for missing RTP elements but it seems that what I'm looking for is not there...
  2. Characters inspired on ancient Greece or Rome (MV)

    Hi, as per topic, for my project I would need a set of characters or generator parts inspired on ancient european cultures. I need both soldier characters and noble characters (like togas or similar). I don't want you to create these things just for me (unless you are creatively stimulated by...
  3. Classic RPGMaker 2000 resources remade for VX Ace

    Hi there, more than 10 years ago i made a small game for my friends, where we were the protagonists and our school teachers were the antagonists. It was made in RPGMaker 2000. Now, full of nostalgia after having replayed it, I would like to remake it with the most recent tools. In particular, I...

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Working on Escalia again, feels good. Have this overwhelming urge to map as well, but need to get some extra tiles commissioned first :D
Lee Sang wrote on Bandito's profile.
Hi, I've just tried your plugin "Game is Active" and when I tested it on Android, it gave me an error, something about "Cannot read property 'underfined' of underfined.
With my project, I want the player to have access to all the tools they need to get from New Game to Credits as soon as possible; I want the player's progress to only be impeded by the player not knowing how to use the tools the game provides.
Just a little close up shot...
finally drew the last member of "team outcast" for my game. since my game has a lot fighting game elements in it, there's bosses in teams of three like King of Fighters.

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