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  1. Help with Lvl up designs day night system

    Hi everyone. Just wanting some help with lvl up designs day night system I seem to have it up and working but everytime I start my game It starts from 0.00 How would I make it so as that the clock starts at 8am instead ? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone :)
  2. Hi everyone

    A big hello to everyone :D Been lurking for a bit but only now starting to try and meaningfully engage. Firstly, a bit of an apology to the moderators. Shaz and mlogan. I believe every post I've made has been in the wrong forum :(. I am very new to forums in general and so get a bit lost on...
  3. RMMZ Self contained dialogue system?

    Hey all. So I recently had a major win with my game in terms of implementing a character creation system (yippee) and figured I would ride this high and try and get another step closer to making my dream game. That being said, I know I am nowhere near skilled enough In Javascript yet to do this...
  4. RMMZ NPC Pathing/position remains when player leaves/re enters the map

    Hey all. So I might have opened a can of worms with what I am trying to accomplish here. I'm using the custom pathing for my NPC's but I was wondering if there was a way to get them to stay where they are when I exit/re enter the map. For example, If I have them walk towards the kitchen, I...
  5. Hiring someone to create sprites/portraits.

    Hey all. So I've read the rules and am new to forums in general so I'm not sure if this is allowed. I was wanting to essentially add more custom assets to the engine but can't draw or do any of that art stuff to save my life. So I was wanting to know if it was at all possible to reach out...

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Hi, I've just tried your plugin "Game is Active" and when I tested it on Android, it gave me an error, something about "Cannot read property 'underfined' of underfined.
With my project, I want the player to have access to all the tools they need to get from New Game to Credits as soon as possible; I want the player's progress to only be impeded by the player not knowing how to use the tools the game provides.
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finally drew the last member of "team outcast" for my game. since my game has a lot fighting game elements in it, there's bosses in teams of three like King of Fighters.

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