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  1. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Medieval Town And Country missing files

    Female Top 5 has only four files:  The bust, face, paperdoll, and master sheet.  All the other clothing has many more files, so I'm assuming this was an oversight.
  2. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Support not getting back to me about a return

    I was taking advantage of the big holiday say and bought some nice cheap resources and that was all that was in my cart, but when my order completed I had a copy of RPG Maker MV charged as well. Now I know this is probably because last month I tried buying MV, but the store wouldn't accept my...
  3. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Bon Bon's MV Resources - New 1-19-16 Two New Titles for School based games

    Here you can download a zip file [bonBonsMVResources1a] that includes the following files: Icons - 1,966 The MV Icons backgrounds edited so you can layer Ace RTP icons or other Ace icons like Avery's on top: You can find a good example here The these are the...
  4. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Menu Script Tutorial

    Who's this for?  The intended audience is people who have spent some time with RPG Maker, but haven't gotten to scripting yet.  I myself spent a lot of time looking at custom scripts before I started scripting and I have not done any Ruby classes or anything.  So not Beginners, but you don't...
  5. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Direction Based Line of Sight Events

    Introduction I made this mostly for touch encounter games to help add a little personality to the touch encounters. I also think that this can be utilized for puzzles and stealth missions in games. This tutorial was made with the default scripts. There may be incompatibility with some scripts...
  6. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Hello, I am the new One :)

    Howdy Paratron, nice to meet ya. Like Shablo said people get stupid about generators, but not me, I love them and would appreciate it.
  7. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Howdy, everyone.

    Howdy Avanura, nice to meet ya.
  8. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Howdy Ya'll

    It's so hard to figure out how to start these introductions, so I will start rambling now... I'm a 30 year old husband and father of two, one girl who is 6 and a boy who is 5 and I have a 12 year old stepson that visits us one day a week. Politically I'm a liberal and religiously a secular...

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