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  1. Lu_

    Cover Art Characters Package 2 Emotions

    I am looking for a emotion faceset of the character called Akja out of the "Cover Art Characters Package 2".
  2. Lu_

    RMMV YR_DBStateTransform error

    i am using YR_DBStateTransform and every time the state runs out i get this error
  3. Lu_

    RMMV Script Into Lunatic mode

    i used this codes as custom passive conditions for the yep auto passive states <Custom Passive Condition> if ($ && !$ && $gameSwitches.value(10) == true) { condition = true; } else { condition = false; } </Custom...
  4. Lu_

    RMMV lunatic moted selecting state affected allies

    i am using 2 states to kinda bind an enemy and an actor. that the enemy dies when the actor dies and the other way around. i am using this in the actors state if (target.hp <= 0) { var enemies = origin.opponentsUnit().aliveMembers(); for (var i = 0; i < enemies.length; ++i) { var...
  5. Lu_

    RMMV lunatic mode selecting state affected enemies

    i want to create a state that when the affected actor dies damages only enemies who are affected by a certain state. i used this so far if (target.hp <= 0) { var enemies = origin.opponentsUnit().aliveMembers(); for (var i = 0; i < enemies.length; ++i) { var enemy = enemies[i]...
  6. Lu_

    RMMV YEP Buffs & States Core

    I am using yep buffs & states core to creat a custom react effect and i want the target to make make motion during the effect. how can i do this? and can i create breaks between the different steps like with action sequences?
  7. Lu_

    SRD_SummonCore and YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies

    I am using both plugins and every time a summon ends i get an error "TypeError:Cannot read property 'isEnemy' of null". I figuered out that the yanfly plugin is making this error by turning it on and off. i tried to move the srd plugin up and down in the plugin list but i still get this error...
  8. Lu_

    SV Actor Shadows

    Is it possible to turn off the sv actor shadow for a certain actor?
  9. Lu_

    KELYEP_DragonBones Aekashic's sprites

    Try to use dragonbones for actors. if i only use <DragonBone:x> the dragonbones sprite is there and faces to the left but aint moving like a dragonbones sprite. if i put the settings in its moving like a dragonbones sprite but faces to the right. how can i solve this?
  10. Lu_

    Blank Window in Scenes Equip, Status and Skill

    I want to add a blank Window to the Scenes Equip, Status and Skill that I can modify it with Luna. Can someone hep me?
  11. Lu_

    Luna Engine MV Conditions

    I want to change the actor picture of a character based on a condition. But its changing all actor pictures. Can I somehow define a target of the config?
  12. Lu_

    Luna Engine MV add new Scene

    I started working with Luna and still dont know how I can add a new scene to Luna when it is a scene added by a plugin. I am using a lot of Yanflys plugins like the Quest journal. The scene is called SceneQuest, got this from the console. If I create a SceneQuest.yml and edit the background etc...
  13. Lu_

    Luna Engine MV bug 'call' of undefined

    Yesterday I got Luna Engine and I wanted to install it now into an existing project. I did it like yanfly explained on his/her wiki side. But I keep getting this bug when I start a battle What did I do wrong?
  14. Lu_

    Can't download UPP Minimap

    I want to use the upp minimap but the link to the latest version aint working. Thats the link he posted under his video: I only found an older version here:
  15. Lu_

    How to load a savefile?

    I'm creating my own title screen with the HIME_PreTitleEvents and I want to load a file after a choice. I tried to use this one: DataManager.loadGame(1); $gamePlayer.reserveTransfer($gameMap.mapId(), $gamePlayer.x, $gamePlayer.y); $gamePlayer.requestMapReload(); SceneManager.goto(Scene_Map)...
  16. Lu_

    Lu's MV Resources

    :LZSangel:Lu's MV Resources:LZSangel: I just want to share my work with you guys. I am new to pixeling so don't expect something professional. I really appreciate your opinion about my sprites and feel free to give me some advices! :LZSproud: If you got any questions feel free to write me a...

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