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  1. The_switchify

    Some Of My Valve Fan Art

  2. The_switchify

    RMMV Star Wars Spectrum Five

  3. The_switchify


    as most of my post have been off topic what is a subreddit where i can ask game development questions?
  4. The_switchify

    what should i choose?

    i want to make a 3d platformer game but what engine should i use unity? unreal? i need some help
  5. The_switchify

    I am leaving goodbye...

    It was a fun time when i was here for a little while. but as time went on i realized that a RPG game is not for me. but nevertheless my failed project gave me better ideas and got me back into art and creating. if any of you want to keep in touch with me my Roblox username is: switchify1234 and...
  6. The_switchify

    bunny girl sprites?

    anybody have any bunny girl sprites like the one in the "people 2" file on a default project?
  7. The_switchify

    How do i make an asset pack?

    how do i create an asset pack full of things such as tilesets sprite sheets and whatnot?
  8. The_switchify

    (SOLVED) why is this not allowed?

    i saw somebody got in trouble for posting a "forum game" the way it worked was the person who posted the tread had a list of blank traits that get filled in via the threads replies. why is this not allowed?
  9. The_switchify

    Platformer Plugin for MV?

    Is there a plugin that allows you to make Platformers in Rpg Maker Mv?
  10. The_switchify

    Zelda plugin?

    Does a plugin exist that makes your game's combat like that of the original legend of zelda for the NES?
  11. The_switchify

    Need help with MV3D Plugin

    Link to the plugin: Download on Github (No offence) But the instructions on the page do not job good job at explaining how to set the plugin. so can somebody give some more detailed instructions on how to set up MV3D.
  12. The_switchify

    FREE Bit & Bytes: looking for plugin designer

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: Join Bit the quiet protagonist, Bytes the genetic experiment feline, and Ro-b the robotic dimwit with a heart of gold. as they travel into a alternate universe and stop the evil Checkarian alien empire. Gameplay features: An undertale esque battle system, and...
  13. The_switchify

    Is this plugin safe? (answered) When I go to download this I get a warning telling me that the type of file that the plugin is can harm my computer. Is the plugin safe?
  14. The_switchify

    Undertale esque battle system plugin request

    If you have any questions or suggestions tell me in the comments
  15. The_switchify

    Redraw this in your own style!

    This is Dialatron. He is a computer from the 1990's he is going to appear in some future projects of mine. But i challenge you to draw him in your own style!
  16. The_switchify

    What heroes/villains would you add to star wars battlefront II?

    I personally would like to see Jango Fett and Mace Windu added to the game. but what heroes/villains would you add to star wars battlefront II?
  17. The_switchify

    Can someone be my friend

    It feels like the entire world is against me and hates what i stand for. i come to this community that i find friendlier and nicer then most community's looking for friends or people who can help me back up when i am down. plus i would be nice to have someone to work on future projects with. and...
  18. The_switchify

    Bunny girl pixel art

    Here are some sprites to be featured in my upcoming project
  19. The_switchify

    IG maker is gone

    IG maker is not on the RPG Maker website anymore so why is it gone?
  20. The_switchify

    Help with Galv's zoom plugin Is it possible to have the camera follow the player and it stays zoomed in? If not then i would appreciate if you showed me another zoom plugin that does this

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