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  1. ct_bolt

    RMMZ [Javascript] Shifting only select elements of array?

    Another one for ya guys... kind of has me stumped... Shifting only select elements of array while keeping the rest of the array as is though. Example: const a = ["A", 4, "B", "C", "D", 1, 2, 3]; How would I shift only the numbers while keeping the rest of the array as is. So the first shift...
  2. ct_bolt

    RMMZ [Javascript] Most efficient way to compare arrays of objects?

    What is the most efficient way to compare arrays of objects and return only the matches? How to find and return a new array of only the matches that has matches of color & id; The rest of the properties can be anything else. Example: const a = [{color:'blue',id:5}, {color:'red',id:7, type:4}...
  3. ct_bolt

    CT_Bolt's Sprite Extras (v1.50)

    CT_Bolt's Sprite Extras By: CT_Bolt Last Update: 8/25/2020 Latest Version: 1.50 Introduction This plugin provides extra sprite features. Currently only for event sprites. Features Event Notetags: [/spoiler] Plugin Commands: [/spoiler] How to Use Import into plugin manager and enable the...
  4. ct_bolt

    [Solved] Mask Image to be used to draw source image?

    How do I clip an image using a mask? Example: Source Image: Mask Image: Result Image: I need to only "draw/fill" from the source image the black part in the mask image. I know I've done it before but just can't seem to remember or figure it out again... feeling pretty dumb at the moment...
  5. ct_bolt

    Help understanding "flags" Tilesets.json

    Can anyone please help me understand the "flags" property in Tilesets.json file...
  6. ct_bolt

    Force/Simulate Item Effect/Use (on map/in main menu)

    There's not really an easy way to force an item to be used from mainMenu/map correct? Question: What's the best way to force the player use an item (even if the player doesn't even have the inventory)? Current Answer (formatted to fit in script box): See demo :) Edit: Think this is about...
  7. ct_bolt

    [Character Sprite] Expansion of Sprites (Pretty please)

    Hello kind folks, Long shot... ...but I would really love to see an expansion of these freebie sprites found at craftpix: click here to view Sample: Request: I would like the following expansion of the sprites to match the originals as closely as possible. Number of frames is up to you but...
  8. ct_bolt

    "Best" Momentum & Gravity Jumping plugin?

    I know this has been asked a billion times over before but I haven't really decided what approach to take soo I'll ask anyway... Question: "Best" Momentum & Gravity Jumping in Scene_Map plugin? Any available? ...and if so what is considerably the "Best" Jumping plugin to accurately use momentum...
  9. ct_bolt

    Certain zoom values create pixels above character sprites?

    Can someone please help me out? Problem: Can't seem to figure out why certain zoom values such as 2.25 create pixels above the character sprites (events/player). $gameScreen.startZoom($gamePlayer.screenX(), $gamePlayer.screenY(), 2.25, 1) Meanwhile zoom 2.4 & 2.6 work nicely: Is there a...
  10. ct_bolt

    Window Background Image/Mapshot with Effects

    Description: Display a custom image "behind" messagebox, pictures, busts. (animated effect optional) Features: How To Use:[/spoiler] Screenshots: Demo Download: CT_Bolt's BgImage v1.51 (Testing) Demo: Click here To Download Plugin Page...
  11. ct_bolt


    Description: Run common event (and/or call script) when variable(s) is changed. How To Use: Set up the list of Variable & Common Event, and/or Script Call (Optional) Pairings Additional Features: Download: OnChangeVariable Plugin: Click Here to Download History Log: Version 1.00 Initial...
  12. ct_bolt

    Help with my bind events script, when/how to update position?

    Recently I started to create a plugin to bind events to certain objects like players and followers... See here: However I've been having trouble getting it to sync perfectly though... Currently I set the "bound event" location to the followers...
  13. ct_bolt

    Rotating Events?

    How do I rotate an event? I have an single image of a saw blade graphic that I would like to make "spin". I would like the event to rotate around an axis, default being the center of the event graphic. I know I can load up gimp and create a sprite sheet for this effect. (This is the method I...
  14. ct_bolt

    Mouse drag event?

    I was playing around with Mouse System Ex by Tor Damian Design. Loving it so far, but then a thought occurred to me... how would I go about dragging an event to another spot? Perhaps this plugin cannot handle this (at least alone). Any suggestions?
  15. ct_bolt

    Events Touching Trigger v3.20

    Event Trigger Current Version: v3.20 Introduction: Ever wanted events to "touch" each other, well now you can! Couldn't really find a way to do this in RMMV so I decided to write a plugin. Features: Run common events for when events touch each other. :cutesmile: How to Use: Setup the...
  16. ct_bolt

    ✩✩✩ ☺ CT_Bolt's MV Creation Page ☺ ✩✩✩

    ✩✩✩ ☺ CT_Bolt's MV Creation Page ☺ ✩✩✩ Hello everyone, this will be where I will post my resources for RPG Maker MV. :cutesmile: Terms of Use: Feel free to use in Commercial or Non-Commercial games. You may edit this if you like; Please let me know and post...
  17. ct_bolt

    [SV Animated Battler] Slime & Bat RTP Style

    Slime (Request) Bat (Request)   I have used SV_Battlers from SV_enemies that byBibo has made and also Animated Battlers by Ækashics they are quite nice; They're not really quite what I need though. Thank you for taking the time to read this post :)
  18. ct_bolt

    Please help me identify these games.

    So I was just watching this video of some amazing looking games created with RPG Maker (no clue what version). I would really like to play some of them & learn how they we're made. So I ask you, does anyone know the name (or any other info) of any (or all) of the games shown in the video...
  19. ct_bolt

    [ACE] Web-Browser... is it possible?

    Is it possible to script a web-browser in VXAce?  :unsure:   If so... could someone break it down for me? :) PS. I do know that basics of RGSS3 (for the most part). ;)
  20. ct_bolt

    Is there a way to "seal" (disable) the attack command?

    Premise: I've created a skill that uses a "Pistol" weapon type & also requires ammo to use that skill. Problem: You can just click attack which just attacks using what ever you have equipped without requiring the user to have any ammo. Question: Is there a way to "seal" (disable) or remove...

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