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  1. Jarrad

    Script that allows me to show the stats for all allies in the party

    In my project the max amount of allies in the party is 5 and even though that works well the battle window only shows the first 4 and scrolls over to the 5th when it is their turn. I'm using the yanfly battle core and ctb system. Is there a way to resize or reorganize the way the status is...
  2. Jarrad

    Stance on emulation?

    What do you guys think about emulation? I for one am a huge proponent of emulation for a few reasons; 1) Backups of physical games in case they are damaged (Also the only way I condone torrents) 2) Playing international versions of games you own. The prime example is Final Fantasy XII IZJS...
  3. Jarrad

    Top 5 Songs Currently?

    There are so many different tastes on this forum, I thought it would be nice to share our favorite songs. You can share more if you want to, I won't stop you! 1) I Will Follow you Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie 2) When the Sun Goes Down by...
  4. Jarrad

    Can I buy a Luna Engine on Steam and use it on Non-Steam Ace?

    I really want to use Luna Engine, but on the website it is $29.99 while on Steam it's on sale for $11.99. Obviously I would prefer to spend $11.99 over $29.99. Could I buy the engine on Steam and then get the files from my Steam folder and then put them into my non-Steam version of Ace? Thanks...
  5. Jarrad

    An Amazing Adventure

    An Amazing Adventure     Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace   Genre: RPG   Story:  You start off as Nate, a young teenager with a love for sports and adventure. One day your wish for adventure comes true, but it is not what it seems. Aliens have landed in your hometown of Townsburg, and they are turning...
  6. Jarrad

    Battle Music will not play.

    In my current project when you exit the first town back into an area where enemies are present upon encountering enemies the battle music will not play. Instead it uses the BGM I set for the area, and after I win the battle the victory fanfare replaces the BGM. This only happens after I exit a...
  7. Jarrad

    How do you tell people how to play?

    Not everyone you encounter will know how to play your RM game right off the bat, especially if you change up mechanics from the default system. So with that said, how do you tell people how to play your game? I'm stuck between a regular tutorial  I paste up on screen or a quest that gets you...
  8. Jarrad

    How do I change my windowskin?

    I edited a windowskin I found online to match it with my game. It is in the correct format. I placed it into the resource folder > system, where the default one is located. I just dont know how to designate which one my game should use. this is as far as I get.

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