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  1. michael.galefire

    Art thread

    I'm going to post cool art I am working on here Here's the latest for my new portfolio
  2. michael.galefire

    Modern Mini Battlepack is available on the Workshop!

    This mini battlepack includes modern battlers and battlebacks for use in your MV Project!  Includes -  10 Battlers  13 Battlebacks  2 Icon sets  Check it out here!
  3. michael.galefire

    Scifi Battler Pack 2 HYPE

    Edit: Its totally out, so go check it! Here's a crowded pic, will have a better one showing all battlers soon! 16 new + 3 from another pack I released a while back (METAL BATTLERS) GET HYPE
  4. michael.galefire

    Skyforge is available!

    Felix and Shayde continue their adventure!
  5. michael.galefire

    Crimson Towers HYPE thread

    "An ancient, derelict city isolated on a mountaintop, said to be infested with vampires.  This dark and gothic region hosts a myriad of vile creatures of the night." This battlepack will feature 6 epic battlers, 3 jaw-dropping and atmospheric battlebacks, and a title-screen with two...
  6. michael.galefire


    So I was making these on the stream(timelapse) the other day, and thought, y'know these guys might make some good battlers.  So here they are! Get 'em! Download
  7. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, King Gilgamesh!

    As the vermilion sky seethed overhead, Felix and Shayde were closing in on their final quarry.  The jungle all around them was a warzone.  What few pygmys remained were infused with the dark magick of Sloth and running rampant over the Flesh Eaters defenses.  The Flesh Eaters had fallen back to...
  8. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Maneater!

    With the emergence of Sloth, the Azurian Tropical region was being saturated with dark magick, and in turn its flora and fauna twisted into dark creatures that longed to devour any living essence they could.  The Pygmy empire had been torn asunder, their underground fortress turned into a...
  9. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Seven Sins... Sloth!

    The two heroes made their way deep into the bowels of the cavern, following ever so faintly lit runes etched into the rocky ground.  Eventually, chanting echoed maddeningly off every wall, seeming to come from every direction... but Shayde unerringly followed a path, as if a bloodhound on a...
  10. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Leaper!

    Felix stumbled just as the monster leapt from the shadows, saving his life as the hunched, bone plated beast soared over his prone form. Shayde was up in an instant.  Her blades were glowing sabers in firelight as she cut the beast down, neatly separating its head from its shoulders. ...
  11. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Witchdoctor Pygmy!

    A band of Pygmy warriors, led by a Witchdoctor, attacked Felix and Shayde, dropping from the trees to surround them! Felix pulled out his dual pistols with flair, spinning them on his fingers as he did; they promptly ended up in the dirt. Shayde, not quite as clumsy, threw a fan of daggers at...
  12. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battleback, Azurian Tropics!

    After several days of travel by airship and boat, Felix and Shayde arrived at the northern edge of the Azurian Tropics.  Their stay in a primitive fishing village was short before they pressed on to what they surmised from their map to be King Gilgamesh's territory.  download the battleback...
  13. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Shayde!

    Felix was aghast and amazed as Shayde cut her way through the legions of Gluttony, delving deep into his lair.  Her twin blades carved through the rotted flesh and bone of Gluttony's greatest beasts, her ensorceled throwing knives made short work of the legions of undead before them, but she...
  14. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Gluttonous Undead!

    Felix has somehow managed to delve deep into Gluttony's lair without being horribly killed, but his time may have run out as he enters a rat's nest of tunnels infested with Gluttonous undead. They rove the tunnels, killing anything in their way that still lives and eating it, destined...
  15. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Whiptail Blade Scorpion!

    Felix had gotten a tip from Shayde on Gluttony's whereabouts; the foothills near Mt. Zurat, colloquially called "the Razor Hills" for its penchant to murder travelers on its razor sharp rocks, razor sharp vines, or razor sharp tail blades of scorpions that happen to live there.  Felix figured he...
  16. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Felix!

    The Bounty Hunters Guild decided they didn't really want to prove a point all that bad, so they sent Felix after the dread beast Gluttony.  The Mt. Zurat summoners would find out they sent someone after the bounty they were denied, and Felix was out of their hair once and for all... so they...
  17. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Runic Hunter!

    The Runic Hunters, unlike summoners, are trained only to banish beasts back to the ceaseless dimensional tide between worlds from whence they are summoned.  Only the most skilled and focused of followers within Mt. Zurat are even considered to become a Runic Hunter, and even then, many do not...
  18. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Gluttony!

    When Gluttony emerged from the Summoning Pits beneath Mt. Zurat, the summoners fled in terror for their lives.  The furious beast rampaged throughout the catacombs,  dead summoners and destroyed guardians in its wake, before breaking free into the world.  Now the summoners must decide if they...
  19. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Ancient Skeleton!

    These silent warriors stand vigil over the forgotten catacombs beneath Mt.Zurat, their focus never wavering, their hatred for the living never faltering. also this one is a hologram, because reasons Some of them can talk as well Download them here! Large and small versions included...
  20. michael.galefire

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Wind Dragon!

    From the depths of the summoning pits in Mt. Zurat comes the Wind Dragon!  Its lithe and sleek form belies its murderous nature, capable of slicing its foes to bits with its razor sharp talons or incinerating them with its flaming breath! Its twilight cousin is the progeny of the dark lords...

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