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  1. Lyseth

    Trouble with party member switching

    This did help solve one issue, tho now I have to figure out how to have a single list of characters to switch in and out, you know almost like an equip menu but for playable and it can only be done at home base
  2. Lyseth

    Trouble with party member switching

    So I wanted to have a feature where you could only add/remove party members at home base however the problem is when I do this it reverts them back to their default settings and to Lv.1 and resets their equipment when I add them back later, plus I have to set numerous events to switch specific...
  3. Lyseth

    problem with the doors from ancient dungeons base pack tileset

    the filename is !_doors, so I would think it should be fine
  4. Lyseth

    problem with the doors from ancient dungeons base pack tileset

    the doors are 1 tile too high on the walls how do I fix this? I attached an image to show what's up
  5. Lyseth

    is it possible to buy the default music from MZ without buying the entire engine?

    I have a lot of progress done on my game but I want to get a different soundtrack, so is it possible to buy the MZ default soundtrack?
  6. Lyseth

    Character artwork

    Resource Type: characters Maker Format: MV Art Style: Anime Description: anime style preferred style is stuff like Akame ga kill (example below) and anything similar, but will settle with other styles if I see one I like Preferred it not be shonen style like dragon ball Z, Naruto or...
  7. Lyseth

    MOG master issues

    So I wanted to change the voices for the characters, as MOG master uses Madoka Magicka voices (copyrighted) and I wanted to remove those and replace them with the voice resources provided on RPG maker's store, can anyone help me figure out how to replace those sound files? I'm having difficulty...
  8. Lyseth

    "Commercial Use, Maker Only"? Labels Purchasing Resources...

    @Andar you would be correct, +18 content requires proper censorship as uncensored “indecent areas” (for the sake of keeping appropriate language, I’m calling it that) is illegal in Japan, as for violence, I believe that’s put in as an agreement from the contents creator
  9. Lyseth

    Question regarding Rpgmaker DS plus for MV

    @SeaPhoenix so long story short I just stay with the engine? Sounds fair, idk how to use any other engine anyway XD
  10. Lyseth

    Question regarding Rpgmaker DS plus for MV

    to start off sorry if I put this in the wrong section, but I couldn't find any other spots that met this question's criteria, anyway, I saw this item (link below) and noticed it said "commercial use maker only" with a red circle and slash next to it, does this mean we CAN or CAN'T make money off...
  11. Lyseth

    Tinting the map?

    oh my gosh, the guides kept saying "tint" not specifying EDIT: changed it and it's still not working
  12. Lyseth

    Tinting the map?

    here it is and yes, I know it's not parallel process anymore, I tried a different one to see if that helped
  13. Lyseth

    Tinting the map?

    So I can't seem to get the map to tint red, I tried the parallel process and it does nothing, can anyone show an event setup to do this? cause this is getting frustrating and I tried reading the instructions but it's not making sense to me.
  14. Lyseth

    Creating my own tileset?

    So how do I create my own tileset? I know I need to draw it, however the coding part is what I need help with, as I don’t know how to make the coding to do connecting tiles like grass and roof tiles and animated tiles like water
  15. Lyseth

    Enemies that trigger when stared at?

    So I wanted to make an enemy at one point in my game that just idly walks around until you stare at it with it facing towards you (but looking at it from it’s sides or at it’s back would not trigger it), And once you’ve stared at its face, it gets angry and chases you, trying to kill you...
  16. Lyseth

    Making DLC for a game?

    Not exactly the most tech savvy, so the additional program likely won’t happen, I assume the copy-paste into source files is the safest way to do it (to avoid breaking the game/corrupting files)
  17. Lyseth

    Making DLC for a game?

    So I wanted to create DLC compatibility, just skins (both for in-game graphics and characters in cutscenes being changed to match the applied skin made with the scene maker program), and just wanted to know, would the user need to just simply copy-paste the content into the game’s source files...
  18. Lyseth

    Creating skills that restore turns?

    So I was wondering, is it possible to create skills that will immediately give an extra turn to the user without plugins?
  19. Lyseth

    How to make execution abilities?

    @Engr. Adiktuzmiko @TWings Is it possible to let it still deal damage even if it won’t execute? Cause if possible, I don’t want it to be completely useless within boss fights
  20. Lyseth

    How to make execution abilities?

    So I wanted to create abilities that will execute targets at a certain HP percentage remaining, ex: “Will instantly kill enemies at 20% or less HP, does not effect bosses”

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