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  1. ZephyrAM

    RMMV Trouble with image load order

    So this is driving me nuts. I'm adding an image behind the name input window (so Window_NameEdit and Window_NameInput) and while it has mostly worked for me, it came up in front of the windows a few times, completely obscuring them, and it 'always' comes up in front for the windows for the guy...
  2. ZephyrAM

    Save/Load/Defeat - extra features (Auto Save, etc)

    Updated! 6/2/2019 This expands on the default aspects of saving, loading, and how gameover is handled in game. Specifically, it adds: Quick save Saves to last used, non-AutoSave slot Auto detects first empty save slot if no manual save exists Optional reserved Quick Save slots Auto save -...
  3. ZephyrAM

    Database -> In game Rename

    Data Rename @author: ZephyrAM Organizing a large Database library can get complex. Ideally you'll create things in order of power or appearance, but what if you need to add more later on? Rearranging and remembering whether a Steel Sword is stronger than a Ceremonial Sword can be a hassle...
  4. ZephyrAM

    Performance - code that never runs

    What I hope is a straightforward question that I've found it hard to search for: Does code that never runs (branches of an if statement that come out false for instance) affect the performance of the script/software? So if I were to write an if/else statement with... 12 branches let's say, but...
  5. ZephyrAM

    Editor data names -> In game names [Released]

    This plugin allows you to create two different names - one for the Editor and one to appear in game - for many different data types: items, skills, equipment (with more in test). So you can name things according to whatever makes sense to you while working out the database and add a note tag...
  6. ZephyrAM

    Use Khas Fog/Lighting in the Menu

    I've been putting together a menu system that only covers part of the screen, and I really want some sort of activity going on in the background. Fog and/or lighting would really work for this, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've been focusing on Fog first, and created a new 'menu' section...
  7. ZephyrAM

    Trying to enable modifier keys - Shift/Ctrl/Alt (Resolved)

    Working on some keybinds but I haven't been able to figure out how to make use of either Control or Alt. Shift works fine but I haven't been able to find the point in the code that differentiates the different keys. Control is bound to debug pass through, so it's possible that's obstructing its...
  8. ZephyrAM

    Extension to Yanfly Doodads plugin - Rotating doodads

    This was a requested plugin I put together and now it needs testing! It, of course, requires Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads plugin and everything that plugin requires, and it allows you to rotate the doodads as you're placing them on the map, by as little as 1 degree at a time. This is an...
  9. ZephyrAM

    For loops not processing. [Solved]

    Straightforward, nested for loops don't seem to be doing anything, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Code in question is: And the console logs 'Loop one!' and 'Loop two!' never hit the console. I don't get any errors, but when I try to read the variables defined in here during...
  10. ZephyrAM

    this.drawActorFace - 'undefined is not a function' [Solved]

    So I'm running into this problem on a plugin I'm trying to put together, and I can't figure out for the life of me why the code seems to be following all the way back to this.drawFace, yet throwing the 'undefined is not a function' error at it. This is the code in question: I went ahead and...
  11. ZephyrAM

    Delayed image loading with SumRndmDde menu plugin.

    I've been working with SumRndmDde's Alternate Menu: Busts and Icon's plugin. I changed the icons to a different image set, and the problem I'm having is the images don't load until the second time I open the menu screen. So I can open the menu (they won't show up, I only see the blinking cursor...

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