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  1. Gui

    How to make an NPC talk in exchange for gold?

    Let's say that my hero needs some information and the only one who can provide it asks for some gold in exchange of the info: is it possible to set this through events and conditions only or do I need a script? If the former, please give me the most precise instructions possible: I always have...
  2. Gui

    I can't break my loop... 0_o

    I spent hours on this, trying every combination possible and every tutorial/post I could find here and elsewhere, but it still doesn't work... Here are the settings of my event: Basically, I have two events (well, three, but the third one is used to display some pictures unrelated to the one...
  3. Gui

    Yanfly's System Options: How to modify bars colors?

    I use this script to give more flexibility to my project but, although it is a great code, I am worried by some of its author's choices concerning the aesthetics of the interface. Please, check out the very first screenshot on this page: you can see that the bars for the BGM, BGS and SFX...
  4. Gui

    Which side view battle system would you recommend?

    Almost everything's in the title but here are some details: - I need to be able to switch from one battle system to another: I use Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine for characters combat, and I need to switch to a side view battle system for mecha combat. - I need something simple to use, because I'm...
  5. Gui

    How to center the menu commands on title screen?

    I could find how to remove the box from the title screen menu, but now the text of the commands are all uncentered and it doesn't look good: I looked into this thread to try to find a solution, but with no success... So, is it possible to center all of these lines along the same vertical...
  6. Gui

    A free windowskin

    I created this windowskin for my own project but finally decided that it didn't quite fit my game, so instead of trashing it I thought that it may be of use for other makers here. Here it is : And this is how it looks in game : You may use this windowskin for any project, commercial or not...
  7. Gui

    Signature: Adding a pic from my FTP

    I'd like to put this pic in my sig' but how am I supposed to do this? I tried the "add image" feature: no success, including in this post... As for the gallery link in my User CP, it seems there's no way to add a media into it if they're not posted into a board post before. But even then I...
  8. Gui

    First Aid skill usable only once after one battle?

    The title of the thread is almost self-explanatory: in a world where the practice of magic is forbidden, the player is not allowed to use Heal skills so I was thinking of a First Aid skill instead. Question is: how to implement such a thing? Obviously, this skill shouldn't be usable in battle...
  9. Gui

    Event based stealth system?

    Sorry if the title of the topic isn't very specific but it's the only thing I could find... Anyway, my hero is now imprisoned but an ally helps him escape from his cell and now they have to prison break. Problem is, there are plenty of guards patroling around and if they're found they'll have...
  10. Gui

    "Shake Screen" command not working

    Everything's in the title, or almost – see the screenshot to know the details of my event: More info: - I have no tiles or even parallax pic on this map: the hero is flying through a storm on a dragon, so I use only looping moving pics to simulate the movements of the clouds in the wind as...
  11. Gui

    [Yami's Overlay Mapping] Adding a masked picture on a layer

    I have this small but nonetheless frustrating problem with one of my paralax map: I wish to put the foreground trees onto a separate layer, which I tried to do with a simple Show Picture event locked with the Fixed Pictures script by Seer UK and OriginalWij: this works well except that the...
  12. Gui

    Chronicles of the Crystal Wars (proof of concept)

    Chronicles of the Crystal Wars Story: Centuries ago, a magical plague known as the miasma appeared, which began to devour the surface of the world. Unable to restrain this scourge, the inhabitants of the surface used another form of magic to extract from the ground a giant island the size...
  13. Gui

    Yami's Overlay Mapping + Control switches = bug

    I use Yami's Overlay Mapping script (april of 2012 update) to get sun rays and shadows on my maps but I noticed it prevents me from using Control switches: to be more precise, when I do use a Control switch, the game jumps directly to the content of the second Event Page, like if the Control...
  14. Gui

    Bad position of official battlers on a 640*480 battleback

    Like you can see on the above pic, the battlers are placed weirdly on this custom battleback: they look like floating above the ground... My problem is that I just can't find any option to place them correctly in the Troops menu: it just seems impossible to put the battlers below the bottom...
  15. Gui


    I registered yesterday but completely forgot to introduce myself, so here is the proper thread. Full first name's Guilhem, 41 since a few weeks and a freelance graphic artist since the very end of the previous century, but I consider more myself as a writer –or at least a story teller–: this is...

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