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  1. Umpikuja

    A question about switches...I think.

    Thanks everyone! You are awesome, all of you! It works perfectly!
  2. Umpikuja

    A question about switches...I think.

    I am a beginner. I apologize if this has been asked before. I have been looking around for an answer before coming here. I want to create an autorun event that happens every time the player enters the map. I want to enter an elevator, shake the screen and rumble a bit, play a ding, end the...
  3. Umpikuja

    Best Software for Making Sprites

    This is what I used to edit clothing. I need simple. I do wish it had a frame with the active animation though. @Sharmhave you done much with Live2D yet and are you using the free one or pro?
  4. Umpikuja

    RPG Maker MV Beginner Tutorial Series

    Very nice work! MV is my first foray into RPG making and I am having a blast. Getting older so its hard for me to work through manuals and then know what to do with the info. Thank god for video tutorials, and yours will be especially helpful. Thanks.
  5. Umpikuja

    Possible MV sized Pixel Myth: Germania

    I understand what your saying. But I am sure I am not the only one starting with MV. I would pay full price for the upscaled version of Germania. Of course I would not be the one doing the work. Maybe something similar? You guys are doing awesome work.
  6. Umpikuja

    Possible MV sized Pixel Myth: Germania

    well you already know I would buy it. I am just beginning so I am not sure on the  anti-aliasation issue. (By your description I am guessing thats the issue I had when I tried to edit in Sketchbook, as opposed to a less sophisticated drawing program. A discussion for another time.) Germania...
  7. Umpikuja

    A farming system event HELP

    loving this thread. Farming is on my list for my game but I am just starting out. I am being nuerotic and remaking my player character;s clothing before going very far. But farming (dating and fishing) will definately be a part of my game in addition to the usual fighting monsters and gathering...
  8. Umpikuja

    Custom Clothing and tiles

    Yes, I am new. So I am assimilating all this at once. But I have an idea for a game and want to go ahead and make graphical edits as I go and learn. @Waterguy, what you suggest is what I am aiming at but running into issues. If I put my nude character in Sketchbook, the image is blurred and I...
  9. Umpikuja

    Custom Clothing and tiles

    for now I just want to create the charatcer with different clothing than what comes with MV. The other is not necessary, at least for now.
  10. Umpikuja

    Custom Clothing and tiles

    My eyes and head are going to hate me for this, but I have some questions about doing this. I am sure its all somewhere, but I am swimming in it with all the different versions of rpg and I am a fresh beginner. I don't need a plugin, I don't think. I just need to know what file type the game...
  11. Umpikuja

    Pixel Myth Germania

  12. Umpikuja

    Pixel Myth Germania

    Hi I am new and loving MV so far. I am looking at dlc and wondering if Germania is compatible with MV.  Thx! Thanks mod, I didn't realize it had its own section!

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