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  1. Mirai Ko

    RMMZ Advanced State Triggers

    I was hoping for a plugin that allowed for a state to run code during certain times. Like when a battler takes damage, or in reaction to being targeted. I remember a lot of Yanfly's tips and tricks used these functions that were found in Yanfly's Buffs & States Core.
  2. Mirai Ko

    RMMZ Plugin for more precise time progress battle system controls

    Hello. I am looking for a plugin that would offer better controls over the Time Progress battle system. There are a few things about it that I'd like to be able to adjust. For instance, I'm aware that the bar fill speed is set at 4 seconds for the fastest participant, and...
  3. Mirai Ko

    Cyclops SV Battler Sprite Template

    I'm looking for an edit of the male and female SV Battler body to only have one central eye, like a cyclops, compatible with the MV generator.
  4. Mirai Ko

    Get item description and store it in a variable

        I have all items to be used in an event sequence, and would like to be able to call and display their descriptions in a message window.
  5. Mirai Ko

    Get Index of Enemy in State

      Unsing Yanfly's Buff and States Core, I need a command to get the enemy index of the enemy who is has the state.
  6. Mirai Ko

    Death State Removes Actor

        I want to create an effect of, when a party member is killed, if they are not revived after an amount of turns,  they are removed from the party. I think this can be done using Yanfly Buff and States Core but I'm not sure how to go about it.     I was thinking of having the death state...
  7. Mirai Ko

    Random Item Selection

    I need a plugin that can pick an item from the player's inventory at random, and store it's ID in a variable.
  8. Mirai Ko

    Changing Buff/Debuff functionality

     A plugin to change buffs/debuffs to increase parameters by a static number instead of by %.  Doing some research into it, I had been waiting for the release of Yanfly's Buff and State Core for MV, as his similar Ace Script had the ability to change how buffs/debuffs worked. However it seems...
  9. Mirai Ko

    Yanfly Action Sequences - Adding Multiple States with a single entry

     In my project I have my states separated into a group of positive states that can be removed, negative states that can be removed, and states that simply can't be removed at all. I wanted to create a cure all type skill or item that removes all negative states that can be removed, and figured...
  10. Mirai Ko

    Display Message when hovering over Show Choice selections

      I thought I remembered seeing a Plugin like this already existed, but I can't find it if it does.    Basically,  when moving the cursor over the different options in the show choices command, you could set a message to be displayed giving information on the choice, before the player selects it.
  11. Mirai Ko

    What is the Script Call for Items amount into Variables?

        I need to know the Script call for referencing how many of an item the party has.  I checked the Master Script Call list, but if it's there I couldn't find it. I can't use the Event Command, because I need to replace the Database ID with a variable.
  12. Mirai Ko

    Buff Formula Adjustment

      I was looking for a method to alter the way the default VX Ace Buffs/Debuffs system works.  As it stands I believe buffs increase a stat by 25% per buff stack.  I am wondering if there is a way to make that into a solid number.  As in, an ATK Buff would increase ATK by 1 per stack, regardless...

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