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  1. Chiispiitas

    [VX Ace] How to use escape characters on a "$game_message.add" call?

    Hello, I've been struggling with this lately, as I noticed the Game_Message class is unable to process escape characters. I know this is done by the Window_Message instead, but I don't know how to use this on a script call. When I try to use any escape character it'll return a syntax error...
  2. Chiispiitas

    [VXA] Store current frame rate into a variable?

    I know RGSS has a Graphics.frame_rate member, but that just returns the maximum FPS cap of the game. Is there any way of reading the current frame rate and storing it into a variable? I figured this would be possible since the .exe already does this by pressing F2.
  3. Chiispiitas

    [VXA] "Can't divide by zero" error because of variable getting rounded up.

    Hello, I'm developing a game like Typeracer and I've been having some trouble when calculating CPM (Characters per Minute). Here's the code I made: distance = $game_variables[2] # Define distance (all typed letters) minutes = $game_variables[4] / 3600 # Define time (frames -> minutes) cpm...

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