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  1. Kikeluzi

    RMMV Kawaiiland

    K A W A I I L A N D TRAILER STORY Kawaiiland, land of the cuteness, is an island inhabited by various types of creatures, home of the tiny pixies; of the vegetal ones, yasainians; and of the very cute, kemonomiminians! Outside its prevailing population, Kawaiiland often receives visits of...
  2. Kikeluzi

    Random Diagonal Movement For Event [Yep_MoveRouteCore]

    I'm asking for a support, but, my post can be used as an idea for you :LZSlol: Since I did not find a plugin or a way of not using parallel event to put random motion in the events with diagonal movement, I used the script this.moveRepeat(direction, times) from the YEP_MoveRouteCore.js, that...
  3. Kikeluzi

    Character Creator For Web

    :kaohi:Heeey! I do not know if this is the right place to post it, but I have a little more familiarity with this community. :stickytongue: Maybe I'll get some help out if I can not find answers here. does anyone handle a bit of Javascript, to give me a light? :p I understand the basics of HTML...
  4. Kikeluzi

    Let's Help Driftwood

    I think it's allowed to post here, but I've not saw anything about (sorry if it already have topic about it), so... I think it's worth divulging here, about Driftwood, well liked by many of us, RPG Maker games developers. Maybe someone can help this person who is always divulging the...

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Artists out there, is there something RPG maker related you wish your graphics software had but doesn't? (Something like automatically transform a wall tile into a cylindrical tower). I want to give a boost to WecTools, but I'm dry of ideas right now...
having anxiety during all this virus stuff is the absolute worst. I'm the only one missing out on my friend's wedding in Sept. because I can't be in large groups of people anymore due to anxiety.
Well... I just spent most of the day making something I cant even use xD

The idea was to look at the original but at a medium distance.
In hindsight, I might as well have just edited the original lol... I didn't intend for it to end up so similar.
does anyone else feel tired after completing a sprite?

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