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  1. jvashko

    Controlling an event from another

    Thanks, Andar! That did the trick, I appreciate it.
  2. jvashko

    Controlling an event from another

    I started an event on a black screen (for a dramatic intro) and made it transition to a new map, still on the same event though.  Is there a way to make someone walk out of said room even if the event is in a different one?  The Movement Route tool doesn't show the "someone" as an option.  (I...
  3. jvashko

    Event not responding

    Basically, I figured out how to use switches based on a guide by the lovely Uncle Despain.  But when I set the switch to activate this dude (who I want to appear and turn his head a couple times), the larger chunk of the event commands do not occur.  After the Transparency=OFF command, the...
  4. jvashko

    Fading out a sprite/image

    To answer your question: the trigger is set to "player touch" and it's priority is below characters.
  5. jvashko

    Fading out a sprite/image

    The "and" is the name of the event.  It's short for Andromeda (one of the "npcs", and the event I wanted to make fade.) Apologies, probably should have clarified that.
  6. jvashko

    Fading out a sprite/image

    Yet again, I'm having problems with this event.  In my previous question I asked about having cracks appear in the ground.  Now I'm trying to make aforementioned sprite fall into this crack using a "change opacity" movement route. Is there something I'm doing wrong?  Did I leave a command...
  7. jvashko

    Triggering an event on another tile

    So let's say I have someone walk into a room, onto an event tile.  Then, about 10 tiles away, I want cracks to appear in the ground, and another sprite (standing on the tile where the cracks are) to disappear.  How can I trigger this animation by stepping on/activating a tile far away from it...
  8. jvashko

    Help with moving a character in an event

    That did the trick!  Thanks a lot!
  9. jvashko

    Help with moving a character in an event

    I'm trying to make a character move into a bed's tilespace, in order to perform a sleeping event, in RPG Maker MV.  However, when I do a movement command (e.g. Set Movement Route, move right) nothing happens, and I can't move my character.  Is there something I'm leaving out? Thanks for help...

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