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  1. Mieze

    Bind Pictures To Map

    documentation page is not safe ... I do not come to this page as it is shown to me as an unsafe page.
  2. Mieze

    What is your Favorite

    Interesting views. I like working with XP and MV. I also play with everyone, depends on the game. But at the moment I have decided to work for MV. Better settings. Plugin system is easier and the resolution and performance is more pleasant. The only thing I miss is the infinite tilesets.
  3. Mieze

    What is your Favorite

    It should just be an interesting discussion. Because you can see, which is used more often and if it makes sense for some to create something. Some do not even have the RTP from the Maker on it. Some makers have been discontinued, i mean to create resources. I've used the XP for years, but the...
  4. Mieze

    What is your Favorite

    Hello? With which maker do you prefer to work and with whom do you prefer to play? Are there still many XP friends here? Or, are the new, like the MV more popular? Just an interesting question. ;) greetings :)
  5. Mieze

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @cabfe aahh. ok. Yes, that's also intent. These are abysses. Bzw I wanted to suggest a ravine. The one village is located in the middle of a gorge. It should be a certain venue. :)
  6. Mieze

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @cabfe Yes, that's intent. It should work deeper in the places. You mean the dark blue cliffs UNDER the water, right?
  7. Mieze

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Not finished yet. There are still errors in it and the one site of the map is still empty. Until now I'm sitting there about 3-4 days on the map. ;)
  8. Mieze

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @A-Moonless-Night Thank you. But the map is not finished yet and only part of the map :kaoangry: It will be done a lot more anyway. And thanks, the cliffs I have to look anyway. I often have mistakes in it :D
  9. Mieze

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    A small piece of a map. The map is 200x150 large. I was inspired by the great map of "Anime-Addiction". I want to do most of the map with the RTP. Little things come from free resources of others.
  10. Mieze

    Uploading Mappacks Steam with DLCs

    Hello, I uploaded a mappack on Steam and said that you need certain DLCs (MV) If I go with the profile of my husband on it is also the specific DLCs needed. But one said I distribute the DLCs Illegal with it, which then downloads everyone with. But is not the data encrypted? or the packs are...
  11. Mieze

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @Anime-Addiction WOW Awesome! Waht a Pack have you used for the Map? @Plueschkatze Thanks :kaoluv:
  12. Mieze

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Not quite finished, little things missing. (Light, animals, details, etc.)
  13. Mieze

    Fancy Food Items

    WOW ! Awesome the best i ever see :O
  14. Mieze

    VE - Fog and Overlay

    Would fix a picture on the map, but will not ... the image is doubled. otherwise the script is good. could you make a simple script that fixes an image? It is also in the right place and the correct size keeps. :cutesmile:
  15. Mieze

    FSM: Woods and Cave Tiles

    do you actually know how much work partly in such packs? And I like to pay for good quality. If you do not want to pay so much then wait for a sale, but do not say it is too expensive ... It does not force you to buy that. The bad thing is, everyone wants great resources but want to do...
  16. Mieze

    Fix the Picture on Map Plugin?

    Archeia Thanks but, It does not work quite well. Image is shown, but the position is incorrect. or it is not attached where it should. have realy anyone an idea? Unfortunately this is not as it should ..
  17. Mieze

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    callmedan No, I Use the MV.. This is from a Pack.. RPG Maker MV - FSM: Woods and Cave
  18. Mieze

    Fix Picture

    I've done it as described but the image is now no longer displayed. Do I have to enter the X and Y axis?
  19. Mieze

    Fix the Picture on Map Plugin?

    Thanks @Archeia but i dont Understand this Plugin... have Annyone a Demo or Picture what could be better explained? I do not really want any layer I just want to fix a simple image, is not there something as simple as the Ace? Sry for Double Post, but i can not Edit the other Post.
  20. Mieze

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    I Love this

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