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  1. alltheyuriz

    RPG MAKER Not letting me set down tiles

    Rpg Maker won't let me put down tiles, is there anyway to fix this? I already restarted my computer so it's not that.
  2. alltheyuriz

    Looking for Horror furniture

    Hi guys I hope you are having a good day. I have another request. I'm looking for Horror furniture, Couches, Bathroom furniture, blood lots of blood. Broken things that you could use in bed rooms and living rooms/sitting rooms. anything else you can think of would be nice, i'm fine with premade...
  3. alltheyuriz

    looking for a sparkle animation

    Hi i'm here again. I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm looking for a sparkle to put on top of things the rtp one is too big to actually put like on top of a shelf or a bookshelf
  4. alltheyuriz

    How do I get a player chosen name to appear above the text box?

    Hi! I got another question for you guys! Is there anyway i can get the player chosen name to appear above the text box? do I need a plug in if so what plug in?
  5. alltheyuriz

    I hate windows (Rant)

    Windows updated and now i don't know how to set up the xbox bar to record audio of my game just the game audio. I have looked all over the internet to find how to do it and now I can't
  6. alltheyuriz

    My tree won't move

    HI i need some more help again I can't get my tree to move it's animated here is the event
  7. alltheyuriz

    Lost my sources for my resources

    Does anyone have any idea how i can find them? I was found some of them months ago. the other doc with my sources on them were on my other computer.
  8. alltheyuriz

    Looking for Carpet and Kitchen Floor tile

    Hi how are you guys today? Yeah i know i've been around here a lot but you guys are so great with what you do, so I'm looking for more stuff. I need a title set for A2 (I think that's floor) that has carpet and tile, I need to make a kitchen and a living room. If you could help me out that would...
  9. alltheyuriz

    Thunder comes before the lightning?

    Hi it's me again and my game is still fighting me, now it's managed to get the thunder before the lightning in my storm and i don't know how to fix it. I have the code right here If anyone could help that would be really nice EDIT: LEGIT STARTED TO WORK AFTER I POSTED THIS *Sigh*
  10. alltheyuriz

    Window that has a rain animation and Trees that blow

    Hi it's me again, you guys are super awesome. I have another request though, I was wondering if you guys could make a rain animation in a window for the inside of my house, RTP Style is best but do what you want to do I just need it to look like it belongs inside the house, and my second request...
  11. alltheyuriz

    How would I make this into a tileset?

    Hi guys me again I was wondering how to make some of white dragons tilesets into ones that fit into the game. Cause there are a few tiles I want to use. I'm not sure how to do that if anyone can help that would be really nice.
  12. alltheyuriz

    Having trouble with Galvs Quest Log in MZ

    I'm sorry for all the trouble it's me again and I'm having trouble with Galvs quest log for MV working in MZ the quest box is too large for the page and the words don't word wrap here is a screen shot for details
  13. alltheyuriz

    Can someone do a standing animation for my two characters

    Hey guys, It's me again and I really need some help I need animations of two different characters standing up, it doesn't have to be very complicated just them getting off the ground and standing up if you can that would be amazing. I would like it to be in RTP style if you could, thank you again.
  14. alltheyuriz

    I need an animated window for spook purposes

    Hi okay so I "Tried" to make an animated window and completely failed, Whtdragon said it was okay to post their edits. so i have the edit i wanted edited and what i want it to look like bc im dumb and i don't know how to do anything lmao. anyway if anyone can help me that would be really nice...
  15. alltheyuriz

    Error after naming my picture with !$

    Hi I'm having a problem with an error and i was hoping someone could help, I named My png !$Window so that it would select all of the window but now im getting this error this is the image
  16. alltheyuriz

    I want to make an animated window

    Hello everyone it's Eric again, ready to roll and learn (Sorry admins if this is in the wrong thread AGAIN) anyway. I would like to know how to make a animated window where a shadow moves across it once, for spook purposes of course. See i'm trying to make my first horror game cause I really...
  17. alltheyuriz

    so I don't know how to do a chase scene

    Hi it's me again, sorry for all the posts as of lately I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm not sure if their is a script for one or if I have to event it. I want to make chase scenes where you have to hide from the monster or you lose the game. Can you help me with that or know of...
  18. alltheyuriz

    Looking for a horror Icon set

    Hi y'all! I know it's me again but I have another request. I'm trying to make a horror game and expand my Horizon on different Genres if anyone knows if these exsist or if someone could make me some? Looking for limbs and a severed head icons RTP Style I bluish in color it would be really nice...
  19. alltheyuriz

    RMMZ Looking for an enemy chase script

    Looking for a script to make the enemy to chase like in Ao oni it's the only example I can think of
  20. alltheyuriz

    Lighting like in the old school pokemon games

    I'm working on a horror game in the middle of my main game and I was wondering how to do lighting like in the pokemon cave like a flashlight effect

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