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  1. Charles2020

    RMMV MOG_LMBS plugin

    Does anyone has MOG_LMBS plugin file handy ? I downloaded master file from Mog's new website but did not contain MOG_LMBS plugin. Would be great if you could post here or direct message me. Thanks much
  2. Charles2020

    RMMV Street fighter battle

    Hi Guys Is there a script to make game like street fighter system ? Thanks
  3. Charles2020

    RMMV increase balloon icons?

    Hi Guys Is there a way to increase balloon icons in MV? I saw self.balloon_id = 11 in VX ace. I wonder if someone figured out how to do in MV Thanks guys
  4. Charles2020

    RMMV Legand of Dragoon battle

    Hi guys Does anyone know a plugin that can do legend of dragoon or FF 8 squall limit rhythm battle like this? Thanks
  5. Charles2020

    RMMV Change region restriction in game

    Hi guys I am using region restrictions. Is there a way that player can change region restrictions in game ? Probably scriptcall or plugin command. Can someone shed some light on this ? To me, it should not be hard. Maybe someone know
  6. Charles2020

    RMMV Balloon icons

    Hi guys Basic question. Can we have more than 15 balloon icons ? Can we just lengthen the sprite sheet? Thanks
  7. Charles2020

    RMMV Bust

    Hi guys Is there a way/plugin to display bust 2 sides behind the dialog box? See the attached picture Can anyone shed some light or a feasible idea to do this? Thanks
  8. Charles2020

    RMMV Show skills in current class

    Hi guys Is there a way to click/call event and show only skills for that current class? I am trying to make job system like Final Fantasy tactics. Please see attached. I think it has to do with Yanfly Skill Learn System plugin Just wanted to throw it out there and brainstorm. Would be great if...
  9. Charles2020

    RMMV show only skills in the current class

    Hi Guys I am trying to make a custom job system that show only skills in current class. I used Skill Learn System (YEP) and Class Change Core (YEP). (see link below) tried and play around but still did not work. Can someone help me on this ? Thanks...
  10. Charles2020

    RMMV More Pages For Yanfly Actor Variables?

    Hi guys Is there a way to add more pages for Yanfly Actor Variables? See link below. By default, Yanfly Actor Variables gives only one Custom page for many variables. I wanted 2 customs pages for this plugin. I have been trying to edit codes for Yanfly Status Menu Core and Yanfly Actor...
  11. Charles2020

    RMMV Window menu call character

    Hi Guys, I have a very basic question. I used the graphic menu plugin. See link below. I have 4 party in the team. I want to access the menu of each party. Currently, it showed only first party in the row (default). Is there a script call to access party information during this graphic menu...
  12. Charles2020

    RMMV use 2 different items in the same turn

    Hi Guys I am doing a weapon/armor that once equipped, player can select 2 items (same or different) and use in single turn during battle. I tried with common event and select item command but did not work Can anyone shed light on this ? Thanks
  13. Charles2020

    RMMV State

    Hi guys Is there a way to create a state that user can use whatever skill/magic/attack but apply to all enemies (instead of only one enemy) ? Thanks
  14. Charles2020

    RMMV Charm state

    Hi guys doe anyone know how to do charm state ? e.g., turn enemies into allies temporarily and force them to attack their own allies Thanks
  15. Charles2020

    RMMV Access plugin menu screen by graphic menu

    Hi Guys I have been trying to access the materia menu (one of main menu if installed this plugin) using graphic menu. I accessed other menu by either calling "Scene_Item", "Scene_X" or using EVAL command to call common events from plugin parameter. I tried "Scene_Materia" but did not work Can...
  16. Charles2020

    RMMV Skill for scriptcall

    Hi Guys Is there a way to use skill in battle (I put scriptcall in that skill) and call command when use skill in battle For example, skill A can call SceneManager.push() in battle Any suggestions ?
  17. Charles2020

    RMMV Passive state animation

    Hi Guys Basic question. How can I make animation in sprite during passive states (super Saiyan like status). See picture Thanks
  18. Charles2020

    RMMV Duel battle attack

    Hi guys I am trying to make a battle and 2 players can combine attack (combo attack) 3 players can combine attack (combo attack) Please see Can anyone shed some lights on this? Thanks
  19. Charles2020

    RMMV Increment variables

    Hi guys I am trying to make a system that gold increase over time. I use Moghunter time system So basically I assigned hour to variable id 1. I used this equation but did not work If $gameVariables.value(1) == $gameVariables.value(1)+1; do increase gold For example, if 8am, variable ID...
  20. Charles2020

    RMMV Money over time

    Hi Guys Is there a way to allow the player to earn 1 Gold per every hour (in-game hour)? I have been trying If $gameSystem.hour()++; do A; Also tried to assign time to variable but does not work If $gameVariables.value(10)++; do A; I have a feeling that my code or syntax is...

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