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  1. winkr7

    RMMZ Map event drag and drop for MZ

    Hello; I hope someone can write a plugin that allows you to drag and drop an event on the map. The plugin should trigger an On Drag common event at the start (to see if the event can be dragged and do house keeping like changing the animation etc) and an On Drop common event (to reset the...
  2. winkr7

    How can I drag and Drop events on the Map

    Hello; Suppose I want to gather apples from a tree and drop them in my basket, each apple is an event so is my basket all on a standard Map that has my tree. I want to grab an apple, drag it to my basket and drop it there. I want this to work on a PC with a mouse or mobile with my finger. I...
  3. winkr7

    How do I find the actorId (the actor using a specific skill) during battle

    Hello; I have a move skill that is a battle skill and I want to call a common event whenever that skill is used during battle that tells me which actorId is using the skill. I can see the skill getting used but inside the common event seems to be null when the skill is...
  4. winkr7

    How to read visuStella code--or where is it

    Hello; I opened up the plugin for visuStella and there are just giant comments, a few lines of code and and a const at the end. Did this get minimized or encrypted or something? Usually when you look at a js file plugin it starts with comments and then there are miles and miles of js code. I...
  5. winkr7

    How do I pop a common event menu back to main menu?

    Hello; I am using yanfly's common event menu. It runs fine off the main menu using main menu core from yanfly. If I hit the escape key I want it to go back to the main menu like any other main menu selection. But when I hit escape it goes to the map. I think I have to pop back or something...
  6. winkr7

    Help template html file for how basic MV game works?

    Hello; Is there a basic help file template for how MV works? Stuff like: the esc key backs out of the menu and so does right click. Clicking on the map area moves the party... etc I need to make a help page for my game and was wondering about a good place to start. thanks yours Winkr7
  7. winkr7

    How do I get a response to official support requests for MV license?

    Hello; I filled out the official support requests about a license for MV (have to get a manual license because of the firewall). I got no response. Am I expecting a response on my email or as a message here? Should I fill out more identical requests and just keep trying? I don't think I...
  8. winkr7

    best tileset arranger

    Hello; I want to shift some tiles off of many other tilesheets onto two or three tilesheets. There must be an editor that lets me click and drag them into new arrangements. Does anyone know where I can find such and editor? thanks for your time. winkr7
  9. winkr7

    How do I change a B-E tile with an event?

    Hello; I would like to change a tile (not the tileset) in an event.  I want to change a tile on the B,C,D or E level. I can see you can change tilesets on event page 3, but I just want to change the value of a single (x,y) map location (say from a log to a flower for example) without touching...
  10. winkr7

    No MV catagory for support problems

    Hello; I am having trouble installing my license for MV.  When I try to contact support there is no catagory for RMMV (there is ace and others but no MV).  No one answers my request when I select "Other".  Should I post MV questions under ACE or wait until they open up an MV catagory? Thanks...
  11. winkr7

    can't find download for MV, already have product key

    Hello; I bought MV, i downloaded it to one machine, on my other machine I can't find a download button for it under my account.  I can click on the order number and I see my product key.  Do I download the demo and install that key?  What about the other stuff I got as an early order? thanks...
  12. winkr7

    Forest Map for RMMV using small tileset

    Hello; I am looking for maps for RMMV, a Forest map for starters, a large map using a small set of tiles (48x48 standard).  No bottlenecks or narrows, something you could wander through without getting stuck and have to backtrack too far.  You can use a subset of the tiles that ship with MV, or...

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