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  1. SolemnDream

    Skip Skill Type menus and just go straight to showing Skills

    Can I have a plugin that skips the Skill Type tree both in battle and out of battle? So instead of it showing "Attack, White Magic, Black Magic, Guard, Items" and having to select "White Magic" before I could choose the White Magic type skills "Cure" and "Esuna", it would just show Attack, Cure...
  2. SolemnDream

    Requesting a Tool to Generate Pokémon Stats ("Params") for Classes.json

    Resource Type: Database file for Classes.json, or software to generate one according to specifications Maker Format: MV Description: Hiya. First of all I would like to say that I am not sure where this topic belongs, so I put it here. Move it if it belongs somewhere else. ^^ We are making a...
  3. SolemnDream

    Script Request: Display state's message in battle log when "add_state" and "remove_state" are used

    Hiya. When one uses a damage formula that has something like "a.add_state" or "b.remove_state" in it, that state's messages are not displayed in the battle log during battle. I absolutely need those messages to display, so I am requesting a script. If you were to inflict Poison through a...
  4. SolemnDream

    How to make a damage formula force action or use a skill

    Hiya! I'm trying to create custom messages in the battle log using the damage formula. The way I'm trying now is through having the formula use an empty skill with a message. I've looked in many places, but I don't see how to use the damage formula to either use a skill or at least to force an...
  5. SolemnDream

    Why on Earth does the event command "Change State" not activate the state add/remove messages?

    Why on Earth do the event commands "Change State" and "Change Enemy State" not activate the messages I put in those states' settings pages ("Message when the state removes", etc.)? I created an event command in Troop Events that gives an inflicted state a 20% chance of being removed on each...
  6. SolemnDream

    Chance of state auto-removal on each turn

    Hiya! I'm trying to create a state that has a 20% chance of auto-removing itself on each turn. One of the things I've tried was making a "State phase 1" and "State phase 2" system to do this, but I just can't figure it out. I don't know if that would work anyway. Another thing I tried was--...
  7. SolemnDream

    Starting a battle with all party and enemies having a state

    Hiya. I need a way to start battles with everybody-- both party and enemies-- in certain states. The states may be removed or changed during battle, but once the next battle begins, the states must be back again. I want to do this without a script if possible. Thanks!
  8. SolemnDream

    Custom Buff/Debuff system, Pokémon-style

    Hiya! I am trying to set up a buff/debuff system that emulates Pokémon Gen VI. I don't think I'll need a script for this if I use a combination of states and variables, but we'll see. In the following large spoiler tag, I explain what I'm trying to do, the overall goal. However, it can be a...
  9. SolemnDream

    Is there a way to bypass the 100-character damage formula limitation without externally-defined form

    Hiya! I have a lot of issues with the limitations of the database. Not being able to set Ex-Parameters such as CRI on Skills is one example. However, I feel like I could defeat a lot of the limitations if I wasn't limited to 100 characters in the damage formula input. I believe RPG Maker...
  10. SolemnDream

    Do Ex-Parameters like "CRI" stack?

    Hiya. I'm wondering how Ex-Parameters add up. All of my Classes have a natural CRI chance of 6.25%. However, sometimes they use skills that are supposed to have a CRI chance total of 12.5%. So do I set the Skills' CRI chance to 6.25%, and it adds it to the Classes' CRI chance for a total of...
  11. SolemnDream

    Is my damage formula not working?

    Hiya. I'm creating a simple community engine so that people can create Pokémon JRPGs in which you play as Pokémon instead of trainers. I've gotten most of the skills down, but for some reason I don't seem to do damage to enemies in testing. Here is the damage formula according to Bulbapedia...
  12. SolemnDream

    How exactly do Skill Repeats work?

    Hiya! So I'm working on some skills and I have a few questions about how Repeats (under "Invocation" on the Skills database tab) work. Most specifically, I need to know if Damage is re-calculated with each repeat instead of copying the result from the first time, and also if the chance of...
  13. SolemnDream

    Classes that DO 1.5x damage for skills with certain elements

    Hiya, guys! I don't know if this actually requires a script-- and I'd rather use as few and as small of scripts as possible-- but I need to make it so that certain Classes do 1.5x damage for Skills that are of either of two specified Elements. (NOTE: Do damage, not take damage. I'm not talking...
  14. SolemnDream

    Vent: I am at my wit's end with the limitations in RPG Maker

    I have for years been trying to use RPG Maker VX Ace to make a game, and have quit many times over due to limitations of the simplest things ever. And no, there isn't a script for everything. So let's talk about things you CAN'T do without scripting... Want to remove Skill Types altogether so...
  15. SolemnDream

    Actor Commands: List all available Skills without the Skill Type item/tree/sub-menu

    I'm trying to make a game that abolishes the use of "Skill Types". I want all Skills to be in one Skill Type pool, and I don't want to have to select a Skill Type in battles' Commands list before choosing the Skill itself. I have looked EVERYWHERE for a way to change the in-battle Actor...

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