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  1. How to "refresh" an Autorun event?

    Basically, I have this button that triggers a common event which then brings up dialog that changes depending what map you're on. Obviously I don't want to include a conditional for every single map in the game so I just have the common event trigger a switch, which then activates an Autorun...
  2. Help with auto-filling map idea

    Basically, I have this idea in my head of an old school dungeon map that starts blank and fills in on its own. Simple, yeah? But I just can't seem to think of a way to do it properly. Here's a (very rough) example: So, I've got a grid. The only idea that makes sense so far is to cover the...
  3. Holding mouse buttons to trigger continuous event

    This is more of a "Why won't this work" than a "How does this work", but basically I want a thing to happen until I stop holding down click on my mouse. A simple conditional branch using TouchInput.isPressed() for the left click works just fine, but doing the same thing with...

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Made a Mapping Tutorial on Adding Lighting/Shadows using Tileset

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This is the first song in the playlist.
Artists out there, is there something RPG maker related you wish your graphics software had but doesn't? (Something like automatically transform a wall tile into a cylindrical tower). I want to give a boost to WecTools, but I'm dry of ideas right now...

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