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  1. Ungulant

    RogueDeus - AP Combat System (A Yanfly Plugin)

    This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Excited to try it out when I get a little further along in my project.
  2. Ungulant

    Shards of Eryia

    Right now I'm still in the first town trying to win as many cards as I can before I face Rob.
  3. Ungulant

    Having worked in that field, there are some individuals who really love the art and some who...

    Having worked in that field, there are some individuals who really love the art and some who really want to get rich on it. One type succeeds, and I'm sure you can tell which it is.
  4. Ungulant

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm Decalman. Picked up VX Ace about a year ago in a humble bundle and sat on it not knowing anything about it. Finally got into it and am plugging along on my first game after going through a number of tutorials. Very excited to see where this new hobby will take me and looking...
  5. Ungulant

    Pilgrim, Episode I: Proxima Centauri

    I loved it! Definitely gives an Alien/Sunshine vibe with the industrial space setting. Sets itself quickly apart with good characters. I enjoyed that the captain is this bubbly, optimistic character despite grimly serious surroundings. You kind of expect a Ripley and end up with a much...
  6. Ungulant

    Shards of Eryia

    That whole mechanical concept here is awesome. The abstract challenge of the cards is very chess-like in that you're constantly thinking about the opponent's next move. I love that. If there's a place where all of the special rules are defined, I'm missing it. I wish that was more readily...

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