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  1. Black Alchemy Games

    Elderine: Dreams to Destiny

    Through Steam Light and Now Early Access - Thank you! :)   Steam Store Page: About Elderine: Magic, riddles, new friendships and a quest to discover himself amid a world grasped by a dark, ancient evil. An ordinary boy, who finds...
  2. Black Alchemy Games

    Cannot Remove Property 'removeAgro' of undefined

    Hey all,  So, I have encountered a problem that crashes the game when a user goes to save a game.   Any time they select a save file slot and click save the error "Cannot Remove Property 'removeAgro' of undefined" appears.   I have events that "autosave" which still seem to work and will save...
  3. Black Alchemy Games

    Elderine: Dreams to Destiny

    Hey all, so wanted to introduce my first attempt at a game, that I am working on with my brother.  We love games, love classic rpgs and wanted to attempt to create a game that hopefully others will enjoy. We are about 25% complete with the game, well in terms of story and gameplay, as we...

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:kaoswt2: Steam seems down again... oh nevermind, it's up now
After so long, my random sprites set is complete! I wonder who could guess them all? :kaothx:

And yes, I'm doing more.
I'm thinking of devouring some tutorials for RPG Maker MV. Just all kinds: mapping, spriting, programming, ect. the whole works! :)

Maybe videos, my brother and I can sit down and watch them during one of our weekly business meetings.
trying to make a Dialogue Script in Indonesian,first. then translate into English.

this is the reason why i'm terrible at this section beside making the enemies :stare:

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