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  1. ShadowFox

    Member+ Refunds

    I know I got an invoice for member+ on 18/1/2016 but can't remember if I let it lapse or if I paid it. I can't seem to find the invoice number, though there is an order number. But not sure if that is it or not... and I can't find it on paypal.
  2. ShadowFox

    Dash Stamina

    Very interesting. Are you planning on having an option of having the stamina set to something else? Like Agility or even a variable?
  3. ShadowFox

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    More Furries... Please... More Furries... Of all species.
  4. ShadowFox

    Questionable Goings On?

    I too am after some things. Hopefully off-site links to their restaff files, all of them, if at all possible, as I am missing those.
  5. ShadowFox

    Dragon's generator of interior maps

    When I get back into making my game, I will buzz you, either via this topic or via pm... as I'm very interested in your examples. It probably won't be parallax mapping though.
  6. ShadowFox

    RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    Um question... How do you reset a quest. What is the code to use?
  7. ShadowFox

    Rpg Maker Vx iconset help

    Like I said before that program wasn't it... However after searching for many hours today, I finally found it.,40466.0.html if anyone was interested. This topic can be closed.
  8. ShadowFox

    Rpg Maker Vx iconset help

    That one is not the one I was hunting for because this one I'm trying to track down if I remember correctly can handle massive iconsets. And I also remember that as soon as you start the program, it just shows an option to create or separate a tileset.
  9. ShadowFox

    Rpg Maker Vx iconset help

    I have seen a demo program using, I believe, RMVX that would split a iconset into each individual icons. There one could rename them outside the program and once done the program can recombine them in the new order. I am trying to track this program down. It ONLY does Icons. Nothing else. Any...
  10. ShadowFox

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Sorry. Must have missed them when I did a search. I'll see if I can recolour them myself and stuff.
  11. ShadowFox

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Sorry. I had read the rules, but I must have missed the 3 icons at a time rule. As for the recolour, I had planned on doing the recolours myself, which was why I had asked for the outlined/seethough icons, but as I said they do not have to be done. I'll withdraw my request and make it again...
  12. ShadowFox

    Averys Ace-Stuff

    I think... Will they work with the Arabian style tilesets that came with both member+ and DS+ resource pack resources? If they so and I think they might, I probably will use them as they are awesome.
  13. ShadowFox

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Edit: I'm after 5 major icon types.  What do you need? - Ore and Ingot, of any colour, as well as a lot seethrough or outlined ores and ingots so they may be recolored with different colours. What style do you need? - VX/Ace Style What do you need? - Animal Pelt, Leather and leather strips...
  14. ShadowFox

    HE - Main Menu

    Seems this script is incompatible with the Ultra Advanced Quest system script by Der Botaniker. The game crashes. It is something to do with the make_item_list method This is the link to the Quest system
  15. ShadowFox

    Ultra Advanced Quest System

    Seems this script is incompatible with HE - Main Menu system by Niche. The game crashes. It is something to do with the make_item_list method Is the script forum link:
  16. ShadowFox

    HE - Main Menu

    I'm glad it worked, I'm a noob at scripting as well.
  17. ShadowFox

    HE - Main Menu

    I am not sure why you are getting that error... as from what I remember it worked for me... But then I found better way that does not require common events. I had tested it and it seems to be working perfectly. Instead of having a common event and everything, you put what is below in instead and...
  18. ShadowFox

    HE - Main Menu

    I'm glad you found it. I was on holidays and thus I wasn't able to log into it.
  19. ShadowFox

    $D13x - Data Popups

    Is it me or are all the screenshots down?

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