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  1. Subzero Dragon

    Chains of Fate - Early Demo!

    Chains of Fate (Early Demo) UPDATED: 02/16/16                *Major revamp with dynamic enemy levels!                *General bugfixes and misc. fixes. Featured by RPG Maker MV's Facebook page! Many thanks for the feature! You are an...
  2. Subzero Dragon

    Hello everyone~!

    Hi! Though I'm new here, I'm not new to RPG Maker. I'm a veteran since the good old days of RM2K and I'm a huge gamer and writer. My ambition is to create a game that is fresh without being weird. I'm a little shy and nervous, but I don't bite either. I'll happily help anyone who asks nicely, so...

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:kaoswt2: Steam seems down again... oh nevermind, it's up now
After so long, my random sprites set is complete! I wonder who could guess them all? :kaothx:

And yes, I'm doing more.
I'm thinking of devouring some tutorials for RPG Maker MV. Just all kinds: mapping, spriting, programming, ect. the whole works! :)

Maybe videos, my brother and I can sit down and watch them during one of our weekly business meetings.
trying to make a Dialogue Script in Indonesian,first. then translate into English.

this is the reason why i'm terrible at this section beside making the enemies :stare:

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