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  1. booooop

    How would I create a skill that hurts the enemy/player on the turn following?

    Hello I'm looking to make a skill that hurts the player/enemy on the turn after the use of the skill The closest attack I could think of from an already existing game would be Dive/Dig/Fly from the Pokémon franchise, where the Pokémon dig's itself underground (or flies into the air, or dives...
  2. booooop

    How to keep a picture at a fixed coordinate?

    Hello I have an event that displays a picture, however is there a way to keep it at a fixed coordinate on the map instead of having it move around with the screen/player? Thanks
  3. booooop

    Copy and paste whole maps (and sub maps)

    Hello For the game I'm developing, I have decided to add difficulty settings. For example, Hard difficulty: all enemies have +35% on all stats, -30% XP is gained from enemies when defeating them, higher encounter rate. I've decided to copy and paste all enemies and change their stats to suit...
  4. booooop

    A kingdom hearts like journal feature?

    Hey, so in kingdom hearts every time you defeat an enemy they will show up in your journal giving general information about them. I was wondering if it was possible to do this and if so would it require a script or could I do it using common events?
  5. booooop

    splash screen?

    hey, does anyone have a simple script for a splash screen, that works for VX, not ACE! I tried CSCA Splash Screen but it didn't work Thanks
  6. booooop

    Party Members Follow Main Actor

    Hey everyone I want my game to make the party members follow the main actor without using a bunch of events or a really complicated script. Thanks

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