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  1. RMMV -deleted-

  2. RMMZ Searching within console log

    Hi, do you guys have any tips for searching a property within an object? For example, i know there is this property which has "skeleton" string within its name, and it's belong to object Game_Actor. I want to search for all of Game_Actor's properties those has "skeleton" string within its name...
  3. This site can't be reached console log issue

    Hi, i upgraded NWJS to a newer version today. Then when i run test the game, i got this issue when tried to open Dev Console window. Anyone know how to solve this issue? Thank you
  4. Are Rpgmaker games Asset Flips?

    Well, after recently i sent a dev friend of mine, a copy of my Rpgmaker project, he asked me a question that made me think hard "Is your game asset flip?" Okay, so i searched on internet for definition of what might be considered as Asset Flip game, and according to this article...
  5. RMMV Enemy Actions Log

    You guys know any plugin that record enemies' actions in battle? I think it's a great feature to be able to re-check what actions enemies took & their effects (skills' description). Hopefully somebody will make a plugin for this, thanks
  6. How to learn from tactic games

    If you ever play FF tactic (FFT), you will know how addict this game is. I always want to study this game and bring good things of it into the default turn-based (DTB) battle system of rpgmaker. In the FFT as well as other Tactic games in general, you can move around and that adds another level...
  7. Well designed characters/ skills/ enemies

    After some time thinking about it, I started to think that I wasn't as good at game developing as I thought; At least in designing characters, classes and enemies. I used to criticize turn based RPGs for lack of room for creativity, but when I think about classic games like Final Fantasy, Chrono...
  8. Engaging battle system

    Lately I find turn based battles in general very boring, with little room for creativity, almost all of which is in terms of index editing and working with states. Even building a skill tree for the characters, I always felt stuck trying to build unique skills. Meanwhile, when I try out a few...
  9. How many months for developing one game?

    How many months do you think should be spent for developing one game is the most optimized? Well, as long as it take is actually an answer new people will say but, for experienced developer, i think they won't do it like that. Faster you develop your game, better results you may gain back. What...
  10. Unforgivable battle mechanic

    Hi, i was thinking about make the battles in my game become very hard, by requiring player to press a button in time to guard from enemy attacks. Any mistake may lead to serious problem such as his limbs cut off, heavy bleeding thus lead to death very fast. Do you guys think if it's a good idea...

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