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  1. Conflictx3

    Steam Deck, Stadia, Luna & The Future of Porting titles for RPG Maker

    So one HUGE hurdle i'm always looking at for RPG Maker is making it available to the standard consumer, while yes PC is the biggest, as someone who grew up on consoles i just can't deny the magic of grabbing a playstation controller and sitting back on the couch. one of my biggest draws to MV...
  2. Conflictx3

    RMMV Moving the "Items Held" in Yanfly's ShopMenuCore and/or Item Core

    So i've been learning and working out how to edit javascript for the last few weeks but this one has me burnt out and involves 3 plugins YEP Item Core YEP ShopMenu Core VE Materia System basically whats happening is everything works smoothly function wise, but when i go to sell an item, the...
  3. Conflictx3

    RMMV Removing text online in Yanfly's item core

    So im a bit stumped currently using yanflt's message core and set the outline to 1 with no trouble But when I implement item core there's now a size 4 outline around most of the text in the main menu and shop menu Also if I set the message core outline to 0 the menu defaults to a size 4, but...
  4. Conflictx3

    RMMV Need Help Altering the Font in MOG Battle Hud & Results

    So this one has had me stumped for several months and I'm at a point where I can overlook it no longer! For Knowledge reasons I believe it helps to note that I have these plugins in all in play: VE_Basic Module (to support several other VE plugins) Yanfly Message Core (w/ ext 1 & 2) TSR Text...
  5. Conflictx3

    Great power comes with great headaches. How should i make a strategic magic system that *seemingly* punishes player?

    Hello, hope all are safe and healthy aswell as your loved ones! Getting right down to it, My project uses a materia plugin so players equip items known as fallen feathers to use magic. Due to my story theres a hard limit of 4 feathers you can equip at once per character but ofcourse you can...
  6. Conflictx3

    RMMV Till Death Do Us... (No Travel Jam Submission)

    UPDATE! v1.5 Release. After getting some great feedback I learned a lot about what it feels like to release a project but there were a few bugs i couldn't overlooked so I did a major clean up. - Lowered the requirements for bonus ending from 37 to a minimum of at least 30 souls saved -...
  7. Conflictx3

    Should we do a quarantine game jam?

    Been on my mind for awhile but hesitated to post since I'm terrified of game jams lol but I think it might help the community. Maybe either one of those 1 month to make a completely fresh short game contest or maybe what I call a "before and after" where we post a pic/video of something we want...
  8. Conflictx3

    How does everyone here feel about "Dreams" for ps4? seems like it could be a Unity/RM/GM Killer

    I'm honestly surprised this isn't a topic yet, but then again i just heard about it myself. apparently it's a nifty little "game" by the creators of little BIG planet that allows content creators to make Video Games, Music, & Movies + more. Honestly from everything i've seen this could be a...
  9. Conflictx3

    How to create a state that lowers an enemy's defense

    Sorry for being so unknowledgeable, I searched the forum and google searched for this but every topic was more....extravagant & complicated than I needed it to be. I simply want a state I created to lower an enemy's physical & magical defense is reduced to 10% of what it originally was and once...
  10. Conflictx3

    RMMV Fallen Feather (8/25/2020 Update! New Screenshots & Official Logo inside!)

    FOLLOW ME ON IG! LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE! A High fantasy story that pulls heavily from the real world. Fallen Feather is a progressive, modern RPG that focuses on Visual Aesthetics, Immersion and, above all else, a Setting that gives People of Color the Limelight. I’m...
  11. Conflictx3

    Discussion: "Steam Link Anywhere" & "Moonlight" could be the champion for us devs For any who dont know and want the short of it, SLA and ML are simply software to stream from PC to all other devices. SLA, as the name implies and is discussed in the link above is a bit more complex, as it allows players to play...
  12. Conflictx3

    Please delete

    Good evening, I recently switched from Victor Engines CTB to his ATB for various reasons and while everything works fine I had a preference I was hoping someone could help me figure out as I dont know js coding In VE's...
  13. Conflictx3

    Cannot figure out how to use VE's State Graphic Plugin [MV]

    Good evening all! i come here humbly seeking assistance once again from the talented minds here! i'm no stranger to VE's plugins, infact i'm proud to say i use about 8-10 of his plugins for the core of my game, and with that i know his plugins come with a bit of a learning curve and it takes me...
  14. Conflictx3

    Need help trying to figure out how to learn a combo skill if 2 characters know equippable skills

    So I'm using VE's materia system, ATB, and "unite" cooperation skill plugins and ofcourse All 3 work fine together. However I think I'm trying to achieve something that the plugins are not intended for and its breaking my widdle iddy biddy brain trying to figure it out. Basically I want Actor...
  15. Conflictx3

    Please Help! MOG plugin conflicting with VE plugin during battle

    i know plugins conflicting is nothing new and i might just have to chalk it up to i can only use one or the other but if i can get both to work that would be great! i'm currently using VE Battler Graphic Setup for my enemies and i wanted to include Mog's Treasure Pop Up (Battle) so when enemies...
  16. Conflictx3

    [MV] Having some trouble with "Guard" Command using VE's CTB Plugin, any help would be appreciated!

    So i've been up for the better part of 8 hours trouble shooting alot of bugs i had with VE's CTB battle system in connection with other plugins and i'm happy to say, i started at 3 a.m with 7 bugs and now i only have 1 left! but as i'm at my wits end i decided to reach out to the community and...
  17. Conflictx3

    [MV] looking to resize a kids part clothing part for adult face image & walking sprite (or how to)

    As the name suggest i recently purchased the kids generator parts pack and one of the clothing items is perfect for a character design i had for an adult, however even with the power of the expanded generator tool the outfit just didnt mesh with adult model. due to it being a purchased resource...
  18. Conflictx3

    If RM's next title for PC was a ps1/n64 level maker, which series would you like it to emulate?

    Rpg maker now is basically a final fantasy clone maker by defualt but can be edited to be so much more with scripts as we know Now rpg maker 2 & 3 on ps2 showed us that one day we will have an rpg maker with 3d models for the pc, theres already a few spin off like "rpg world action maker" But...
  19. Conflictx3

    As a non-artist, is it silly to want to buy soul calibur 6 PURELY as a character concept generator?

    Sure theres a bunch of generators out there but they're either far too limited or far too complex. I plan to outsource artwork for character busts and while rpg makers generator or even the extended generator are AAA top notch with all the free parts online they dont give artists much to go on...
  20. Conflictx3

    What is YOUR process for making a game? What do you tackle first/last? etc.

    In the past whenever I made games I would, come up with the premise of what sounded like a cool story line, have a few key scenes in my head, and jump into rpg maker making the maps, the events, AND the actual story as I went along, no surprise i never finished a game. This time I've been...

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