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  1. Acolyte

    Alternate Sprite Walking Behavior

    I'm having a really difficult time trying to describe this. Basically, I'd like to have a script that changes the default sprite movement patterns from down, left, right, up, and instead uses downleft, downright, upleft,upright. A good example of this would be paper mario: I suppose...
  2. Acolyte

    Doctor Who Resources

    Greetings, friends! This is a set of parallax images and charactersets to help you create your very own Tardis interior! :D The charactersets might be a little difficult to align. I suggest using a script call to manually designate the specific event coordinates (...
  3. Acolyte

    Lhuvia Sprite Template

    This is a base I created for my friend yuyubabe's game, Lhuvia Tales. :) Female: Male: TERMS: Credit: Acolyte Non-Commercial: Totally fine Commercial: Contact me Repost: I don't care, as long as proper credit is given and you're not claiming them as your own...

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