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  1. Simple Event Fade

    SimpleEventFade.js Download SimpleEventFade.js (v1.1) Introduction This plugin adds the ability to make events fade in or out over a set duration of frames much more easily than having to repeatedly set the opacity over and over again. It should also be much smoother than doing that...
  2. Random Stat Gains-based Progression System

    I'm in the middle of making a plugin for a game I'm planning to make (imagine that) and I felt like other people might also benefit from having this system I'm putting in place to replace standard leveling. It's heavily based on how character growth works in the SaGa series, meaning that...
  3. Having trouble creating a parameter and then modifying the value with a notetag

    So I might just be missing something but here's the problem I've been having. I have added some stats to Game_BatterBase to keep track of some values for me. Normal enough. Object.defineProperties(Game_BattlerBase.prototype, { hpgr: { writable: true, value...

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