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  1. Quanee

    Opening/closing disabled menu with the same key

    @Shaz Sorry, just before going to bed I've pretty much cleared all of it as it was useless, can't even remember what it was exactly. My scripting knowledge is limited to copy-paste code lines and hoping it works >.>
  2. Quanee

    Opening/closing disabled menu with the same key

    @Shaz I'm honestly clueless on how to get that working. I've tried tweaking a bit, but now space doesn't even work and window comes up whenever I close it. @Eliaquim Yanfly's plugin only allows me to bind keys in-game (as a player). I need them to be already set in motion before the game even...
  3. Quanee

    Opening/closing disabled menu with the same key

    Hi, I've been look around for a solution to my issue, yet I can't find any. I'm trying to make only one, simple item menu for my character, which can be open and closed with the same exact key. So far I've got this: 1. I've created a parallel event 2. Changed menu access to disabled (I don't...
  4. Quanee

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Ah yeah, I get it now. I'd have to customize them a bit to make it work then. Thanks a lot ^^
  5. Quanee

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Oh yeah, that helped in one case, although, I'm still struggling to get the desired effect. I've made some examples on square shapes to show what I'm achieving + the current settings, any ideas?
  6. Quanee

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Hey man, thanks for the tutorial, this is exactly what I've been looking for. The thing is, I'm having an issue doing this in RPGMV. I import my tileset as a 24x24 and pick up one frame as a terrain, draw the edges with blue circles as yourself (identically to the video), yet when I try drawing...
  7. Quanee

    States not working properly

    Thank you, both of you, that's all I needed. Thread to be closed.
  8. Quanee

    States not working properly

    Well... Apparently not! So yeah, it seems it was the issue with my basic attack having a.mat for some unknown reason in its formula box. Thank you for help, that was the only thing I completely missed out. One more thing though if I may - I've tried the exact same thing with Sp-Parameter...
  9. Quanee

    States not working properly

    Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the question.
  10. Quanee

    States not working properly

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my states. I'm using a pretty basic state to increase party member's attack parameter, yet even though it applies itself (I can see an icon and a popup that state is physically active), it doesn't affect my attack at all. Below I'm attaching a pic of the settings...
  11. Quanee

    Enchanting/Buffing skills with elements

    Hi, So I'm scratching my head, trying to figure out how do I add an elemental +% damage to my skill attack with a help of a state. What I mean is, I don't want to say... "buff" the % of a fire skill, more like enchant a weapon with fire so instead of pure physical attacks, it also does fire...
  12. Quanee

    RMMV Manafinder - DEMO now available!

    This pixel art... it is simply outstanding!
  13. Quanee

    Yami Skill Shop

    Someone suggested me an alternative which seems to be working even better, thread to be closed.
  14. Quanee

    Yami Skill Shop

    Hi, I'd like to request slightly re-making Yami's skill shop plugin to skip few options (if it's possible >.>). I'm making my own skill tree and when I bring up Skill Shop, it goes through all the menus (pick your character, learn, choose spell etc.). I'd like to skip that. So as soon as I...
  15. Quanee

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Hi, So I'm using a summon plugin from this link and I'm having an issue. I'd like to create an action to summon the actor, but whatever I do, as soon as I reach finish it will always swap to its default summon animation (aka...
  16. Quanee

    Bobstah's Enhanced Equipment, Item, Items Command, Skill, and Skill Type Restrictions 1.5.3

    Does this plugin still work? I can't seem to get the most basic stuff to display.
  17. Quanee

    Bobstah's Battle Commands Customization v2.2.1 - Updated 05/17/2017

    Hi, Would it be possible to change a skill type into another as soon as I reach 100 TP? Let's say I'm using "Boost" command for 10 turns giving me 10 TP each, as soon as I reach 100 TP the boost command would be replaced with "Overdrive". Thanks in advance. Edit: So I've gone through all the...
  18. Quanee

    Yanfly victory aftermath - Drops window

    Hello, I'm trying to tweak Yanfly's plugin parameters a bit to get my desired treasure/loot effect in work, but I can't find exact lines in .js file that would help me to do so. Below I'm attaching a pic of what my current settings look like. What I want to achieve is having only one column of...
  19. Quanee

    Battle result request/help

    I've managed to sort it out, thread to be closed.

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