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  1. garret95

    RMMV Question about Custom Requirement in notebox

    I'm using Yanfly's Skill Core, and I've created a pretty neat concept for some skills that need a switch to be on to use them. <Custom Requirement> if $gameSwitches.value[122] == true { value = true; // enable skill } else { value = false; // disable skill } </Custom Requirement> I though...
  2. garret95

    RMMV Exceptions with "Mirror Move" skill

    Hi, I have this skill inspired by the Mirror Move ability from Pokémon that Yanfly made in one of his videos. It's a skill that copies the last skill used by a character. Works great, but I think it isn't quite complete yet. Here is a link to the video: And here is the code he wrote for it...
  3. garret95

    RMMV Skill that deals more damage with every dead member

    Hi, I've had this idea for a skill in which the user deals more damage with each ally that currently has the death state. I guess I could somehow go one by one in the damage formula, but there's probably a better way to do it in the skill notebox. I have quite a few Yanfly plugins so feel free...
  4. garret95

    RMMV Error with $gameParty.members in battle

    Hi, I'm in the middle of making a summoning skill (kind of) and I needed to remove all actors but the first four, then add them back. I've made this test event that works just fine (there's a second page where I add them back in the same order and, again, works like I charm. I can show it if...
  5. garret95

    RMMV Add exclamation mark to actor's action in battle

    Hi there, I'm a Spanish user and I'm currently having a problem with actor's action text in battle. I need to put an exclamation mark right before the actor's name because we use two instead of just one at the end. Is there any line of code I can modify to make this work?
  6. garret95

    State with variable and magic evasion

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to make a state that gives an actor temporary magic evasion (as long as it has the state I mean), but it gives you more MEV depending on how much there is in a specific value. Is there any way of doing this? Thanks in advance, first time posting.
  7. garret95

    Kyrie Eleison skill crashes the battle

    EDIT: Fixed. After getting the new versions of those two plugins now everything works perfectly. Hi, I've been using a few tips & tricks from good ol' Yanfly, but for some reason this one doesn't work properly. This one is called Kyrie Eleison, and is basically a state that once applied to...

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