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  1. ShadowFox

    Rpg Maker Vx iconset help

    I have seen a demo program using, I believe, RMVX that would split a iconset into each individual icons. There one could rename them outside the program and once done the program can recombine them in the new order. I am trying to track this program down. It ONLY does Icons. Nothing else. Any...
  2. ShadowFox

    Event causing unexpected file format error

    I have been working on my project and I have come across this weird error. I have ONE event in my project that just can not be accessed. When I try to double click on it to edit OR try to move this event, the editor comes up with Unexpected File Format error, then the editor acts as if I have...
  3. ShadowFox

    Voice Over Script

    I am after a specific script that handles all voice overs for my project. While I know it can be done via events, I just think it will be easier to have the voice over system done via a script, mainly because of the way I have it set up in my head, and it is very randomized. The requirements...
  4. ShadowFox

    PVGame tileset issue help

    I have decided to try to make a shorter game with the PVGame tilesets. Unfortunately there is a slight problem that has cropped up and I have no idea how to fix it. I am currently using the Large Sprite ☆ Display Fix script. But basically the head of the character goes under the tileset, and...
  5. ShadowFox

    Sprite Reflection + In-Depth Maps help

    Hi everyone. I am using several scripts, but these two scripts seem to not work the way I want. I am hoping there is a fix. The scripts are: TDS Sprite Reflection script FenixFyreX In-Depth Maps v2.0 (I have tried V2.1...
  6. ShadowFox

    Faceset joiner

    I have no idea where this is suppose to go, so I thought Ace Support would be a good place. If it is the wrong place then please, move this topic to the correct place. I am after a program, script, RPG Maker VX Ace Application, anything that would combine faces into facesets. Sprites as well...
  7. ShadowFox

    Overworld arabian request

    I have done a quick search but haven't found anything. I am wondering if there are any overworld or worldmap tilesets but not parallex tiles that are Arabian in nature, that would work with the Arabian Nights resource pack? or are there tiles missing from the Arabian Nights resource pack?
  8. ShadowFox

    battlers request

    I am after a group of battlers. If they already exist would someone be willing to link them to me? I am after a young child of around 10 that has a slingshot in hand, I am after another young person around 15 this time that has a boomarang in hand. I am after a human that has whip, crossbow...
  9. ShadowFox

    Mythos Horror Resource Pack

    I am hoping that someone will be willing to help me out with the dilemma that I'm having. I know I purchased the Mythos Horror Resource Pack but I can't seem to find any download links but I am not sure if I purchased it through the forum store or the main store. Would someone be willing to...
  10. ShadowFox

    Main Site Login problem

    I have purchased several things on the main site before becoming a member+ but now I am unable to log in at all. I have even tried the forgot password but that did absolutely nothing. I have also sent a request for support When the site was moved to the new server did any of the information...
  11. ShadowFox

    Enemies attack MP not HP

    I have searched for forum the best I can, but haven't found anything like what I am wanting. Although the search does not allow any words under 3 letters. I am also getting back into RPG Maker VX Ace after taking a break that started mid way through last year. Basically I am trying to find a...
  12. ShadowFox

    Enemy Levels and Names

    I am not sure if this idea already exists within a script or not, and if a script of this idea does already exists then please link me to the script. Basically what I am wanting is this: A set number of enemies within the database. EG: Dogs, Cats, Dragons,Humanoids, Demons, Undead What the...
  13. ShadowFox

    Menu Themes Engine help

    I am currently using Galv's Menu themes engine and have received permission to see if someone could help modify the script a little. I am hoping that when the "ACTORS_SHOWN = 4" is set to "ACTORS_SHOWN = 1" The option of show a Bust instead of a Face is included. Here is the script...
  14. ShadowFox

    Book system

    I am trying to find out if this can be done via events and HOW I can do it via events. What I am after is basically a system that in that when the player selects a specific book within the inventory it opens up a new menu that shows the contents of the book and with the left or right arrow keys...
  15. ShadowFox

    (Ace) Title Screen Aqua help

    I am currently using Title Screen Aqua by Zerbu and have come up with a slight problem and am not sure what I could do to get what I want with this custom title script. I have also requested this in another forum but no replies so I thought I'd post it here as well...
  16. ShadowFox

    Choice Window edit

    I have found that this idea I have IS actually possible, so I thought I'd actually ask for a script. I am after a script that would activate via a switch and would change the layout of the choices window. I want the window to show each choice side by side. Like in this rough picture: The...
  17. ShadowFox

    (ACE) Yanfly Ace Message System Font Help

    I am currently using YanFly's Ace Message system. And am wondering if someone could help me tweak this script so that there would be a fonts folder in the graphics folder that the script gets the fonts from instead of...
  18. ShadowFox

    floor damage tiles help (Ace)

    I am using the generic floor damage terrain flag and am in need of some help in 'temporarily' stopping the damage from occurring without actually swapping the tiles around. So I am wondering if there are any script calls that help me out.
  19. ShadowFox

    random event help

    As I am looking for help with randomizing event locations I have seen many scripts and help for doing that, but unfortunately I am unable to find one that will do what I want, which is the random location also has to include several map id's, which has to be set up within the script. (EG: Map...
  20. ShadowFox

    Zooming Script Request

    I am after a specific zooming script for RPG Maker VX Ace. I have searched several forums before requesting this, and have found the zooming script that is written by MGC. After experimenting I found it does not really do what I am after. I MAY however be understanding the script incorrectly...

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