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  1. KireNoslen


    Hey Rockyz, I'm interested in your project. I primarily consider myself a writer, though I can do a bit of everything (except coding, I can't code to save my life). On my own project I have over a hundred pages worth of storyline typed up (that doesn't include the prelude or anything game-play...
  2. KireNoslen

    Mode 7 Script

    I actually realized that the comments of the code were in French, but the actual code part was in English. Thanks Shaz
  3. KireNoslen

    Mode 7 Script

    I recently learned about a script called "Mode 7", which changes the perspective of the map. But despite my efforts I haven't been able to find the script anywhere (or at least not in English). Would anyone know where I could find this script (preferably in English, seeing as how it's the only...
  4. KireNoslen

    Deleting EXP

    @ Tsukihime Wow, it worked, and the solution was so brilliantly simple, thanks Tsukihime! @ Shaz Sorry for not posting in the right spot.
  5. KireNoslen

    Deleting EXP

    Hey, I was wondering if it was possible for a character to lose all of their EXP (while still retaining their Level) when they die. I'm pretty sure it's only possible to do this with scripting, and sadly scripts don't like me, and I don't like them. So if anyone happens to have a script for...

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