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  1. Evgenij

    Need some help understanding drawing in windows

    Hello, I made a basic window which I have added to Scene_Map. This window draws a face of an actor and some other information about the actor. Now when I start a new game the information of the actor is drawn without a problem, but the face is not drawn at all. When I go to the menu and back...
  2. Evgenij

    Game Loop

    Can someone explain me how the gameloop works? How perfomant is it? I see that it has something to do with the requestTick method which is called every time the calculations for a frame are finished, right before the tickEnd method. Thanks 
  3. Evgenij

    How do you debug your plugins?

    Hello scripters, I'm interested in knowing how you debug the plugins you create. It seems that the new maker has no console, so where are the console.log() calls printed? I'm really grateful for every response!
  4. Evgenij

    Crafting Script ("DIYC"-Advanced)

    Im currently programming a crafting script where the player needs to place the ingredients into a "pool" and hope to get something useful out of it. The script seems to be in a good stage, but Im unsatisfied with the scene. The controls feel bad. Im hoping to get some feedback and maybe ideas...
  5. Evgenij


    Hello, I was reading the rgss3 help file and saw that the Tilemap class have an attribute called flash_data. The explanation looks like this: Refers to the flash data (Table) used when showing range of possible movement in simulation games etc. Defines a 2-dimensional array measuring [...
  6. Evgenij

    Crash after Scene Change

    Hello, I need some more understanding how viewports work in combination with sprite. I have this small piece of code which manually sets the viewport of a sprite after its creation: class Sprite_Picture alias_method(:evg_sp_initialize_pu1, :initialize) def initialize(*args)...
  7. Evgenij


    Hello, look at this method from DataManager: def self.load_game_without_rescue(index), "rb") do |file| Marshal.load(file) extract_save_contents(Marshal.load(file)) reload_map_if_updated @last_savefile_index = index end return true...
  8. Evgenij

    Draw Animated Characters In Windows

    Draw Animated Characters In Windows Version 1.0 Description: This script is for other scripters who may need this functionality. With this script you can add a new method to windows which will draw animated characters. Usage: You need to include the EVG::AnimatedDrawCharacter Module into a...
  9. Evgenij

    dont get update_menu_calling in Scene_Map

    This is the method: def update_call_menu if $game_system.menu_disabled || $game_map.interpreter.running? @menu_calling = false else @menu_calling ||= Input.trigger?(: call_menu if @menu_calling && !$game_player.moving? end endit looks complicated to me and I dont see...
  10. Evgenij

    Mail System

    Mail System Description: This script adds an email scene to your game, you need to predefine senders and emails in the script and after that you can send them to the player via a script call. Download: Here If you have some suggestions or need some changes feel free to say. mfg.
  11. Evgenij

    Scale Actor Faces / resize bitmap

    Hi, what would be the best way to scale the size of actor faces? This is the draw_face method: def draw_face(face_name, face_index, x, y, enabled = true) bitmap = Cache.face(face_name) rect = % 4 * 96, face_index / 4 * 96, 96, 96) contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, rect...
  12. Evgenij

    Developer Scripts / Framework Scripts

    So Im looking for nice and usefull scripts that scripter can use while developing his own scripts. These are some of the scripts I know: Especially this four scripts made my life so much easier, I can use custom IDEs like eclipse, aptana etc. and dont need to do anything just save my scripts in...
  13. Evgenij

    Generate Image file from window

    Hey, I want to write a script which will export a window as a graphic file. Now I dont know where to start. I hope that someone can give me a starting point. I thought about using a bitmap, generate the window with a windowskin file, and draw some text on that bitmap. And after that save the...
  14. Evgenij

    Bump/Jump Effect

    Hi, Im wondering how I can do a jump effect. Maybe there is a formula for this. I want to make a text appear above an Event for example, this text should go up a little bit and then down again. It would visually look like the text is jumping. The way Im thinking off would be making two counter...
  15. Evgenij

    Exception when using eval

    Hello, Im using a custom IDE with this script: It works really great and I have improved my writing speed very much with this combination. But there is a problem with exceptions. If have done something...
  16. Evgenij

    Free Scripting Service

    Introduction: Hello, this is a free service I want to offer. I will try to finish all requests as fast as possible. If a request isn’t to my liking, I reserve the right to decline the request. I need practice so I opened this service :) Area Of Interests: Custom Menu Systems / Scenes...
  17. Evgenij

    "Do It Yourself" - Crafting

    "Do It Yourself" - Crafting     Description: This script adds a crafting scene to your game. It is a bit different from the other crafting scripts, cause with this script the player dont choose the recipes but need to choose the ingredients Download: Here   If you have some suggestions or...
  18. Evgenij

    Problem with Window Contents shown properly

    *edit* Haha I solved it, padding_bottom was the method I needed to change. Hello, I have a problem and my head just cant figure it out atm. I have made a Window which inherits from Window_Selectable. The window is a square and the size of the window is fitting_height(3) (96). My contents...
  19. Evgenij

    Time and Period System

    Time And Period System Description: Adds a time system to your game. Features:  Download: If you have some suggestions or need some changes feel free to say. mfg.
  20. Evgenij

    Bought DLC two times, can I give away one license?

    Hello, I didnt find the section where I can ask this, so I post it here. Some weeks ago I bought the Rural Farm Tiles from Steam, but I havent touched them and forgot about it. So I bought them again on the RPG Maker Web Site. Now I was in the RPG Maker directory of Steam, and have seen, that...

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