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  1. Cope

    So I'm back after almost a year of hiatus from RPGmaking, and I'm restarting my project from the...

    So I'm back after almost a year of hiatus from RPGmaking, and I'm restarting my project from the ground-up...
  2. Cope

    Crazy_Leen's Crazy Resources & Retro Resources

    I love your Retro-style tilesets. Any chance you're doing any Modern-style ones?
  3. Cope

    Candacis' Resources

    Awesome :) tilesets, any chance you still make more Modern Day tilesets?
  4. Cope

    Super Modern Outdoor Tileset v3.1

    Oh. My. God. Where were you all my life? XD Expect an update from me, cuz I've been working on a modern city setting. I'll be sure to credit if I can work some of your work in mine. 
  5. Cope

    Question for anime people

    By all rights, you seem to be asking for something a little more mature than what the typical mainstream titles could provide. I recommend anything under the Seinen genre of anime/manga. If you're not yet familiar with that term, consider it the Japanese genre that is marketed for older viewers...
  6. Cope

    Maru's Resource-Collection

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! Your tilesets are AWESOME. I'll be posting something using your tilesets soon. Credited, of course. 
  7. Cope

    Granny's Lists - Modern and Futuristic Resources

    Consider this my MOST-visited thread XD
  8. Cope

    In the mood to download, download, download tiles?

    So many to download and use... I'm lovin' it XD These will do great for my project, Thanks GrandmaDeb :3
  9. Cope

    How to pull off "open world"

    I'm working on an open-world project myself, and I'm interested in how this thread will develop. I'm in the map-production stages so I still have a long way to go.  As for game-mechanics, I plan to use an equipment-/buff-based system instead of the usual leveling-up and character classes. The...
  10. Cope

    Amazing Avys Awesome ArrrPG-Maker-Stuff

    Dude... Where have you - and your tilesets - been all I my life... ヘ(_ _ヘ)
  11. Cope

    What was your main reason for making an RPG game?

    Because it's my childhood dream and, like what Winterfate had mentioend above, I want to make a game that's a callback to the quality-storytelling of 90's RPGs that I've grown up playing with.  That, and I need a creative outlet to deal with my writer's block. If I can't make a convincing...
  12. Cope

    Final Fantasy Series

    Final Fantasy VIII was the first RPG I've ever played and was what had influenced my modern-day setting preference. It had also set my standards for quality videogame-storytelling - well, the first 10 titles did anyway. I can't say for anything starting at XII. 
  13. Cope

    Old School Modern Tile (Pack 1)

    Yegads For a moment there I thought I was looking at Earthbound. Awesome XD
  14. Cope

    Using Real World Media in RPGMaker?

    ^So in other words, anything in the public domain's free game then :) Thanks It took me a wile to understand this but I think I got it. Bottom line: I'll go for spoofs then.  I already have some in mind, so I might post them soon.  Gonna play it safe then. Thanks again for your advice...
  15. Cope

    Town Design & Structure

    Mostly, I take my cue from my immediate surroundings. And if that isn't enough, I refer to those provided by select video games. I'm currently downloading the GTA IV and V walkthrough videos to get some visual cues on how to design certain maps. Then, I try to convert them in a workable 2D map...
  16. Cope

    Using Real World Media in RPGMaker?

    This is an idea I've been wondering about for a while: Is there an issue in importing real-world media and using them in an RPGMaker project? Even if my project is a non-commercial one?   For example, your game character walks into a new area and you start hearing the sounds of The Beatles or...
  17. Cope

    Feelings on Secret Characters/Boss

    I'm a fan of both game features. Mostly because it gives me a sense of accomplishment for discovering them, and because I've paid careful attention to the lore of the game world to figure out about them. As long as these two features won't jump the shark, it's alright with me. And even if they...
  18. Cope

    What are you working on?

    Tweaking some image resources (credited to their respective artists, of course) for an urban fantasy project, and making a few choice maps before dealing with the other more complicated gameplay issues. 
  19. Cope

    Plot and Character Feedback

    Note: This is an edited version of a thread I've started in my VX Ace forum account. Thought I'd share my world-building project here as well :3   I've started tinkering on RPGMaker again ever since I worked on this little pet project of mine. I was supposed to make a series of short stories...
  20. Cope

    World Building Discussion: Viking Society

    Hey, are you familiar with the "Vinland Saga" manga? It might be one of the most accurate representations of vikings in recent media. Kind of impressive it's made by a Japanese guy. A really dedicated Japanese guy...

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