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  1. SiRPiGgSaLoT

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Hey all. Just curious, and this may have been mentioned elsewhere, but there is a random light event type that appears on the uppermost left tile on my maps. Is there a setting I'm missing? Should I just add space to the map to remove this? Tried to attach an image showing my issue but it's too...
  2. SiRPiGgSaLoT

    hiddenone's MZ Emporium

    @hiddenone. OMG... I'm so sorry for bothering you guys. I didn't change the hyphen to an underscore. Thank you for an amazing generator pack
  3. SiRPiGgSaLoT

    hiddenone's MZ Emporium

    @hiddenone No they don't. I tried adding in your gradient and removing the standard but then all the colors disappeared. This is the first time I've tried changing a gradient file so I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing
  4. SiRPiGgSaLoT

    hiddenone's MZ Emporium

    First time posting here, sorry if this is in the wrong spot and I'm sure it's an ignorant question but...the gradient file for the skin, I can not get to work. I've replaced the original with the new one, put both of them in there, restarted, loaded orc and goblin settings, but I either get the...

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