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  1. nanakra

    Replace actor faceset in event messages based on switches and variables

    Hi Everyone, I have kind of a complex script request here, or at least it's complex to me. I'm an RGSS3 / Ruby novice. I know enough to understand what I'm looking at and can cobble things together for the most part (still learning), but what I'm looking for is a bit beyond me at my experience...
  2. nanakra

    [VX Ace] Clear everything in inventory except for key items

    Hi there! I'm trying to figure out how to wipe everything from the party inventory (items, weapons, armor) but keep all key items. This is for a jail type scene where the party won't get anything back. However I am treating the key items as protected quest items and don't want to wipe them. Not...
  3. nanakra

    Downed / Damaged Character issues in Character Generator

    Not sure if it's been mentioned or not as a quick search has not turned up anything.   I was working on creating some sprite sheets and editing them in GIMP however once I got to the point where I was ready to edit the damaged character sprites I noticed that all three of them were identical...

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