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  1. amazonwalrus

    Blinking/Flashing Moving NPC's?

    Is there a way to have a butterfly change colors while moving?
  2. amazonwalrus

    Flashing Tiles?

    How do you make tiles flash? Like walls and floors? I've seen it done by people. 
  3. amazonwalrus

    frack MV!

    Decided to go to XP. Those small ass characters in MV SUCK!!!!
  4. amazonwalrus

    Self Menu Screen?

    I want a screen when touch lets say a portal device, you go to another screen where you have to enter the right code and you can transfer to a new world. That and a screen for the side of this map to show discoverd/undiscoverd  worlds. is there a way to do that?
  5. amazonwalrus

    Location window

    Is there a way i can have a window somewhere that shows worlds visitited and click on it and teleport to it? like a menu screen to the right side of screen
  6. amazonwalrus

    Extra Menu?

    Is there a way to click on an object, open up a input menu? like input to a place using number/ graphics? like a transporter where you have to put in right code to go to different places?
  7. amazonwalrus


    won't let me take last step onto top of cliff
  8. amazonwalrus

    Menu slection

    lets say you touch a control panel and you want a screen to come up with digits you can input. how would you go about this?  like an alien language. you have to put in right letters to opne a portal
  9. amazonwalrus

    Mapping a pyramid

    How do i make a pyramid? with default graphics
  10. amazonwalrus

    screen resolution

    i have a 1920x1080 monitor. what is the best resolution i should use?
  11. amazonwalrus

    Bigger Menu Screen

    Where is a plugin that can let the player choose menu backgrounds? I dont like the semi transparent actor menu. is there a default way to change it? BG in menu's would be awesome!
  12. amazonwalrus

    Water tiles not animating

    just noticed none of the water tiles are animating. any ideas why?
  13. amazonwalrus

    Victory Aftermath

    Is there a way to have individual windows for victory aftermath? Like "Congradulations" new window. "30 Gold Won" new window. "34 Exp" new window "x1 Potion found"... etc.. that and have it on top other than bottom. Can you do it with out plugins?
  14. amazonwalrus

    Upperfloor View

    How can i make this look better. I want a 2 story view. Looking down to a lower room
  15. amazonwalrus


    I love the idea of making a game with rpg maker. Only thing that brings me down is how to do the enemy and troops in the database. Where do i start? Is there a guide i can follow? I'm stomped in that area :(
  16. amazonwalrus

    GALV Messages

    How do you make the message box go over the main actors head during eventing? when you transfer the player to another map during events how do you know the actors event ID?
  17. amazonwalrus

    Changing Event picture

    Lets say you have a graphic that is static. after a set amount of eventing the graphic changes to a non static animated object. i can't seem to get it down. Set movement route? or a control switch?
  18. amazonwalrus

    Common Event/Alarm

    Is a common event the best way to have an alarm go off in multiple maps? have an alarm go off and cut off BGM and have a sound effect of an alarm? or would it be BGS for alarm?
  19. amazonwalrus

    battles wont work

    I weeks on my project. now when i try to battles I get an error "can't define height" some BS. How do i copy what's on the devolop tools thing
  20. amazonwalrus


    Lets say I wanted to make a scene where it was night and i wanted to change the tint of screen to night. is there a way i can do that to just the tiles and not the space parallax bg?    That and make it have a full moon with moon light hitting everything

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