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  1. RMMV One bar for all

    It is possible to remove the mp bar in several ways, the yanfli battle engine allows it and there are scripts that at the same time help you the same
  2. RMMV One bar for all

    The limete bar is configured depending on the actors that is to say that if you set 100 per actor for each one you have it will add 100, in the final part there is an option for each new match to be updated to 0 or the amount you have put at the start of the combat
  3. Lighting and Time Editor - Continued!

    When I use the time system the dye doesn't change that I'm doing wrong When I use the time system the dye doesn't change what I'm doing wrong?
  4. RMMV Because only one frame is shown in yanfli battle engine

    Ase time try to find a solution for this but I think again I need help, when I use the battle command only shows a frame of three When I use the normal attack command only shows the first one and the others are ted, if someone has a possible solution I will be very grateful for it
  5. RMMV One bar for all

    Thanks it served me well, I was able to remove the TP bar and easy mp and add the one from yanfly
  6. RMMV One bar for all

  7. RMMV One bar for all

    I don't think if there is any way to make the TP bar shared with everyone and the mp bar disappear as in Deltarune I don't care about the interface or the rest just the mechanics of sharing a single bar for everyone If someone has a plugin or some method I'll be very toIf anyone has a plugin or...
  8. As an asset a special or physical skill

    Grax :D
  9. As an asset a special or physical skill

    But how?
  10. As an asset a special or physical skill

    I'm mirroring a project and I have a few knowledge but there's one that gets my attention and I don't know how to activate it, The physical skill I already have sprites of its use but I have no idea how to activate it help me plis :'v

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