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    Name Input

    The backspace is the cancel button for your game, it just doesn't show up in the screen.
  2. DarcHiro

    (Hahaha, yeah I'm done.)

    (Hahaha, yeah I'm done.)
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  6. DarcHiro

    Defined route resetting when changing event pages

    I was messing around in the editor to try and come up with an idea, but all I could come up with is create a completely new event. You can have one event blank when the switch activates and the other event appear. And to make the appearance a clean look would be to fade out the screen before the...
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  10. DarcHiro

    Final Fantasy Tactics

    Recently I've been craving to play one of my all time favorite games Final Fantasy Tactics. I own the game, but I didn't have a Ps1 so I got an emulator online. So much fun... Btw who are your favorite characters/favorite jobs. I've always loved Agrias... but at the beginning I always assumed...
  11. DarcHiro

    Hello, I'm DarcHiro

    Hehehe, yeah... I'm not that special, but I agree that I am not a loser~ I went ahead and changed my title to something that suits me much better.
  12. DarcHiro

    Opinions on Plot for Farm Game

    I think that would be really interesting. I am a long time fan of Harvest Moon, so seeing a game that is heavily inspired by it peeks my interest.
  13. DarcHiro

    Looking for a wavy battleback plugin

    Not really quite sure on how to do that although I know it's possible. I'll ask around. P.S. that game made me feel like I was on an acid trip lol...
  14. DarcHiro

    Hello, I'm DarcHiro

    I do think it's cool that you're an artist anyways. I'm nothing special when it comes to art... I mainly just like doing it for myself. Although I have posted some things... they are on the website I used to be the graphics team leader there... but I wasn't anything...
  15. DarcHiro

    Hello, I'm DarcHiro

    You do some art?  :guffaw: I love meeting new artists!
  16. DarcHiro

    Hello, I'm DarcHiro

    Hello everyone, my online name is DarcHiro. I use that name everywhere whether it be on social media like Twitter, MMO Games, or even YouTube. I've been a member here for awhile now, but I don't believe I have actually introduced myself to everyone yet. Anyways; I don't get online often because...
  17. DarcHiro

    Agreed, I love all of MV's music!

    Agreed, I love all of MV's music!
  18. DarcHiro

    Feeling tired, and not entirely sure why I am online so early...

    Feeling tired, and not entirely sure why I am online so early...
  19. DarcHiro

    Looking for Monsters for Ace, Chibi Style.

    Oh wow! These are exactly what I'm looking for! I'm making a non commercial game so these will work great! Thank you!
  20. DarcHiro

    Looking for Monsters for Ace, Chibi Style.

    Oh Yes! I'm pretty new to rpg maker and this is actually my first game that I am determined to finish. And, Battlers. I'm trying to make a game that has dark undertones but light characters. So the Chibi Battler's from DS Plus are great for it. Anything that works with those.

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