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  1. mahan


    just want to say to everyone here :)  I would like to congratulate the developers of RPG Maker MV for considering JavaScript as the coding language for the IDE,  I was planning already to make games using HTML5 JS Canvas Libraries but now I just recently discovered you just evolved from Ruby to...
  2. mahan

    Don't Stop Screen Shake While on Dialog

    Thank Shaz for your comment on my post but It seems I can't find it using the search  :( Ok, there's something weird in RPGMAKERVXA that during dialog(a window dialog is shown) the screen shakes stops... Shaz said that someone already made a fix on it. Arin said that I must use parallel...
  3. mahan

    Falling Debris Effect

    Ok, I searched already in the google and so far I can't see any script that does the falling debris effect :( anyways here's the effect mechanic that I am thinking.. Think you're in a cave and the cave starts to collapse, it looks like small stones already falling randomly from a higher area...
  4. mahan

    How do you backup your files

    Ok, after a lot of incidents of corrupted game files and frustrations XD I want to ask the community on how you protect and backup your files.. currently I am using woratana's backup script but it just backup my DATA files when I run my project.. because in unknown reasons or maybe my project...
  5. mahan

    Flame Recolor

    Ok, this is my first resource request please be kind to me  :D Ok I know this will be easy for someone but it became really hard to me because I am using GIMP so here's my request. I want to have a 6 spritesets with 3 sprite characters of moving flame each with different colors the...
  6. mahan

    Fade-In BGM Script

    I know this was requested many times but is there any script that makes the map's BGM fade-in while the map is being shown? I know already the workaround of creating an event that increases the volume of the BGM in certain intervals, but I want a script that does it automatically in all maps...
  7. mahan

    Animation Sequence for Boss Death

    Ok, I don't know if this is the right area of the forum to ask this but what I want to ask is there anybody here have the animation sequence when a boss is going to die/defeat?  Its like a drama that flash the screen and sounds like the ground grumbles... :) EDIT: I already found out how to...
  8. mahan

    Fading Event

    is there any script that makes an event fade when 'Erase Event' is executed on it? or a script is not needed and built-in functions can be used as a work around?
  9. mahan

    Change Game Currency Term while on Gameplay

    Ok, I don't know if there's a script that exist like this. I tried already googling but I haven't found anything yet to comply my needs :( Ok here is what I needs Change the currency term during gameplay The script that change the term can be called on an event using a script call Is there...
  10. mahan

    Filipino RMers? anyone? =)

    Ok its really obvious I am living in the Archipelago of the Philippines  B)   and I am wondering if there's any Filipino here? hehehe I already know someone and his picture is shakugan no shana XD hehehe I forgot his name XD but if you will see this post please can we talk? hahaha =) I hope I...
  11. mahan

    [ACE]Global Variable/Method to invoke when a Window is Used

    is there any method or global variable I can invoke which return true or false or anything which I can know that a message/choice(or any other window like shop etc) window is currently being currently displayed or used? I am kinda facing a race condition with my script in which I need to...
  12. mahan

    [ACE]Skill can be used on an Ally or Enemy

    Ok I have read this before asking this question what I have read about that script is it extends your scope with the following everybody - select all alive on the battle field target all foes - target all foes target...
  13. mahan

    [ACE] How to use Yanfly Lunatic Damage properly

    Ok, I think this is my first post? no? hahaha  :D anyways, My problem is how to use properly the Lunatic Damage by Yanfly I use it like this I followed the instructions on how to install the script based on the...

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